Are CBD’S for me…?

CBD or Cannabidiol is becoming quite the topic these days and for good reason.  In these days of widespread and rampant drug addiction, overdosing and death on what people consider safe pharmaceutical drugs, prescription abuse ect, CBD is a breath of fresh air. A viable option with no prescription, organic, with a great track record people are taking notice and action. Ask around and you’ll be amazed how many people and pets benefit from CBD.

CBD these days

Although CBD has been quite controversial in the past, with changing laws and acceptance people all over the world are experiencing the benefits of the many forms it has taken. From oils, tinctures with various strengths, crystals, soft tablets, vape cartridge, rubs, scents, sprays & soaks, the question often asked are cbd’s for me?

Well, let’s have a look around. For casual use or a daily perk could be… do you wake up tired? Try CBD  Tincher before you go to sleep. Having trouble focusing? Try a gummy bear or two. Chronic pain? a high dose vape cartridge could wash it away. Muscle cramps? a small drop of topical lotion rubbed in as a massage oil, you’ll be surprised. The simple fact is we are all different, so are our tolerances to all forms of medications. CBD from hemp or cannabis has been around since people were writing on stone. It was pigeonholed in the U.S  back in 1937 by the marijuana tax act. It made hemp and marijuana illegal for any use. So a politician (Harry Anslinger) a paper mogul (Randolph Hurst) and a maker of a new product called “nylon” (DuPont petrochemicals) banned it and locked it down for far too long. However, as America starts to ”green up” things are starting to change.

On February 6, 2004, Federal court ruled every citizen in the U. S can legally use CBD from hemp with legal amounts of THC.

Even more recent, 0n Dec 20, 2018, the farm bill passed clearing the way for hemp farmers to move forward…

The Benefits

The studies on CBD have been and still, are in full swing. Most noted are the medical properties-relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, psychosis,  seizures, sleep disorders, stress, skin condition, PTSD, blood pressure and the list is getting longer, and more detailed as research continues.

Although seemingly by mistake a group of cannabis farmers stumbled on a strain of cannabis that looked, smelled, and tasted top shelve. Only the THC content was almost non-existent….what to do.

After lab testing, they discovered a high content of CBD so they looked into the probability of it. For some, it made sense, all the benefits without the “stone” awkward at first, functional after the fact. A major breakthrough they named the strain “Charlotte ‘s Web” after Charlotte Figi a young Colorado girl whose severe epilepsy was stopped by this strain.

This was a major role in the medical marijuana movement. Since then lots of strains have been developed with high CBD and low THC like AC/DC, catatonic, medie glue, Ringo’s gift, canna-Tsu, penny wise and so on. The list gets longer every day as the cannabis breeders take notice, and taking notice they are.

The Source

CBD is extracted from cannabis or hemp. Hemp has been the industry standard because of access mainly being brought in from India, China, Asia and Mexico, places where it is legal to produce. However, change is in the wind and DOWNLOAD-3although it’s a slow process the U.S is starting to have a closer look.           They are even offering some permits for cultivation.

The art of extraction is a big key here and there are plenty of methods. Some may be a bit shady, and some like olive oil extraction are ancient dating back a 1000 years b.c. The most common these days is carbon dioxide and solvents. To me, solvents are the ones who need to be most scrutinized. I’m not saying that all are bad but butane, hexane, ethanol, and alcohol are things I would do without.

Most times when solvents are used extra steps come into play. Cleaning out and removing the unwanted residue, and distilling the solvent based material used to strip the oils.  Done in a lab with a certified chemist, most if not all solvents are removed. Just be careful, black markets are everywhere and with the good usually come’s the bad,  cheaper, thinned low grade and non tested products are slipping into the market. That is why at Blue planet CBD we ask the tough questions and only promote the “best in the business .”

The Market

The market for CBD has been evolving as the “greening of America” is slowly taking place.  The west coast(Washington, Oregon,  California) has legalized cannabis and soon we will see a shift in the source.

Today you can buy CBD with a trace 0.3 % of THC in all 50 states. More than 0.3% could get you into trouble, which could be a good sign of a black market product. Or choose no THC at all. Lab quality CBD is the only safe way to go. They offer pure consistent doses at various strengths, after all, if you’re giving it to your family ( pets included ) and friends, NOTHING LESS IS ACCEPTABLE. Here at Blue Planet CBD we carefully select only the industry leaders.

Is CBD for you? Ask your doctor, do some research, ask your friends or give it a try. Read all the directions. some can be confusing take your time and ask questions, we are here to help…


With the sweeping changes that have been taking place, the future for hemp and hemp-based products is coming full circle. In time, we will grow past the old school stigma and learn to embrace the legality of one of natures finest plant species. Cannabis and hemp hold many keys that have yet to be utilized. Modern science will soon be free to study, extract and combine all that it has to offer,.CBD is a proven starting point.

I am sure we will see a whole plethora of general health care products, as well as specialty uses targeting certain ailments or focuses. At BluePlanetCBD we are here to help. We offer only the finest quality products by the industries leading producers and as things advance so do we. We strive to keep in step with the rapidly changing market.

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Thanks again T.C

2 Replies to “Are CBD’S for me…?”

  1. Great article, very informative, never thought of giving CBD products a try for sleep issues, focus issues, chronic pain issues or muscle cramps – but will keep it in mind from now on!

    All the best!

    1. Hi, Starlord yes, please think about CBD vs prescription drugs, they affect everyone differently but sleep, anxiety and muscle pain/cramps are common amongst the many uses. also note, no addiction, if they work for you, carry on if not just stop. If you’re on any prescription drugs ask your doctor about CBD, they can mediate or alter the way your system distributes compounds in your system THANKS for stopping by TC.

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