CBD and animals, a good choice


 With CBD we have a huge range of health benefits, even if you haven’t tried them, I am sure you are here doing the research, good for you. If you do use CBD then you will know how they work for you, that’s great we can discuss this with our friends, give advice,  go overdosage and forms of application. But what about your pets and animal family members? CBD and animals, it makes perfect sense, sore joints, pain, overworked, anxiety, not sleeping well.

They have a lot going on too, they just can’t tell you, but let’s face it you can tell and will do whatever it takes to help them on their way.

Most people are thinking dogs and cats, and for sure all animal’s have different personalities and traits, old and young, hyper, aggressive, lazy, mean, happy, it almost sounds human.

We’ve all heard of a high-strung horse, stubborn mules, onry goats and so on. I’ve personally seen huge changes and mood swings in old dogs, and most lately horses with CBD added to their daily feeding schedule. Farmers are using mild doses with llamas, goats, sheep and the guard dogs watching the herds. The general consensus is a little pep in their step, more alert and for sure the absence of pain and stiff sore muscles.

Most CBD company’s carry a complete line of CBD products for your pets. Here at Blue Planet CBD, we will help you in the right direction.

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  1. I also think developing products infused with CBD  for our pets would be nice as long as the prescribed dosage is adhered to and other safety measures are put in place. Variety  of product could be developed depending on animal needs and peculiar behavior.lots of pets problem which usually cannot be said would be resolved.

  2. I do think that CBD as a good choice for pets although I can only speak for dogs and my dog in particular. 

      I  have a very nervous dog and after starting on CBD it has reduced his anxiety and stress symptoms and it’s also increased his appetite which as an aging dog I was becoming  a bit concerned about.

    The other benefits for dogs that I know about include reducing inflammation, relieving pain and it prevents and kills certain types of cancers. 

    Thanks for the interesting read. 

  3. I am aware of the many health benefits of CBD and also it’s therapeutic effects but I would like to read more before deciding if this is something I want to use for myself and my family. My primary concern is the possibility of becoming totally dependent on it. I think this is the main reason why CBD is considered a prohibited drug in most countries.

    However, I had no idea that CBD can be used for animals, pets in particular. If we are to use CBD for our pets, how do we administer it and what about the dosage? 

    1. Hi Alice, using CBD on your pet’s is usually applied in the food or a drop on their tongue the dosage is dependent on the size and age of the animal ,they wont get addicted and might not need them daily ,think of CBD as a supplement in a healthy diet 

  4. I like your article.   Although I haven’t tried feeding CBD to any of my animals yet, I have heard people that really like it for their dogs and cats.  They say it does seem to help them with their joint pain.  

      I am hoping that as industrial hemp gains acceptance in the United States, that their will be more research into what to expect if I feed my horses and livestock hemp seed or CBD   

    I would hate to turn my horse into a lazy nag.   Now those goats- I suppose I have only had one that was truly onry and he probably ended up as someone’s dinner.

      Feed has gotten so expensive in recent years, that I would love if if could be a viable alternative to what we have today.   If it can be grown organically, with little or no pesticides that would be even better.  

    Exciting times…. 

    1. Hi Sondra,thanks for the interest in my site, no need to worry about lazy stoned  pets you have the option to have CBD isolates that have removed all thc, for people, to lots of folks are staying clear from CBD because of past stereotypes, you can get CBD in a almost unlimited forms of ratios thc to CBD if your in a legal state if not the max thc content is .3%, if you have enough space on your farm planting a small plot of hemp would be an easy and beneficial crop for feed, fabric, oil and so on it grows like the weed it is , you let it seed so you will have lots of seed after you first crop it been around 1000 ‘s of years before the (educated man?)banned it
      thanks again tc

  5. Cbd has been slowly gaining momentum as the many amazing benefits are becoming more widely known.  As you mentioned, if they are good for people, what about our furry friends?  I have to admit, until reading your article, I didn’t even think about supplementing CBD to animals, but I can see it would be very beneficial.  I look forward to exploring your website more to become more knowledgeable on this topic.  Thank you for the insight!


    1. hi  Christene, thanks for the comments as I build this site ill be going a lot deeper  into the world of cbd  as with the labs and company’s ill be working with check back soon for a good read
      thanks again tc

  6. I am really interested in this idea. I never thought about how CBD could help animals. this would be great for older dogs that have joint pain other problems.

    I do wish you had more information on it. I like the topic but the writing  is incomplete. Please give us more data like on the page for – What are cbds? That pages looks well written and informative. 

    Good luck.

    1. Hello thanks for the interest in just building and  out this site, and for sure will be adding a huge amount of content on what CBD is from the chemistry to and the medical research and reports, CBDs are doing great things for our old dog and are becoming quite popular,
      thanks for the comment check back from time to time I promise a good read tc

  7. Interesting. What form is the CBD in that you feed to animals? I can imagine with livestock you could just feed them something in roughly the crude form of leaves and stalks. Are CBD supplements for animals expensive?  Is it in highly refined form?  The cost of commercial pot is so high, it is hard to imagine providing a similarly high priced item for animals. Can you cite any studies or scientific research in the value of CBD to animals? What sort of regulations are there?  Can you be arrested for owning these substances in any areas?  Where do you buy them? Are you selling them? If you have these answers I’d love to know them. Thanks for piquing my interest.

    1. hi j52,thanks for your interest in cbd most animals take a tincture in their food or a drop on the gums is hemp was more wide spread they would get it naturally by grazing,cbd are fairly expensive but with hemp being more freed up the live stock market should loosen up, its not super refined but targeted in extraction no need for thc or other compounds (isolate )is thc free don’t have to worry about stoned pets..ill post you up some research shortly as I build my site out were working with the best in the business, and we don’t need cannabis to get cbd’s,cbd is legal in all 50 states ,some states with legal status can use cannabis ,and thc  and cbd levels are up to the individual as far a laws go im not sure where you live, but if your in a non legal state your cbd can not have more than .3% thc you can buy them here as soon as I build out my site blueplanetcbd.com id love to stay in touch and you can reach me a tc@blueplanetcbd.com   thanks for the interest  and responce

  8. I think it’s interesting to see companies coming up with new products for pets with CBD elements. Imagine medicines and vitamins to help them lead a better lifestyle if I’m not mistaken CBD is part of an element derived from cannabis right? Since it’s natural, I think it’ll blend in with today’s products just fine, just my 2 cents.

    1. hi, Riaz,yes cbd is derived from hemp or cannabis its safe and truly coming of age as i build out my site  ill be going a lot deeper in the chemistry of them thanks for the interest

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