CBD and drug testing

This is an important topic and if you are in a position to be tested please be clear of your situation before you take any CBD.

Cbd and drug testing is an easy subject, but you must take it upon your self to do the research, meaning read the directions and content of the product you consider. Fine print means to put on your glasses, as a drug test is cut and dry situation, pass or fail. Although it’s turning into a cloudy decision, mainly because some states have different laws and medical marijuana programs and some recreational use. Some tests results meanings are in question, as far THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) goes, other drugs are still steadfast.     Of all testing methods, urine is the most common, blood, hair, sweat, and saliva are available, according to the situation. Parole, substance abuse, sports programs, Federal employees, equipment operators and so on are routinely tested these days. Most companies test as a precaution.

The SAMHSA (substance abuse and mental health service administration) sets the standard and puts the employers on solid legal ground.  So according to the SAMHSA a positive test cut off is 50 ng/ml depending, some it can be as low as 25 ng/ml for negative results. For some secondary tests, a gas chromatography(GS) mass spectroscopy(MS) test is used and the test positive cutoff is 15 ng/ml.

Most CBD is extracted from hemp which has very little THC a maximum of 0.3% lets CBD oils be sold as a food supplement, and is legal in all 50 states. That being said if you take 2,000 mg + of CBD oil daily at 0.3% your overall intake would be approximate. 6% and you would test positive, but if you take 0.5% in a day your chances would be about .2% testing positive.

So beware of your total intake. For those of you in legal states be forewarned CBD is being extracted from cannabis, and can be ridiculously high in THC and CBD if you don’t know the product, and haven’t read the fine print don’t take it. In Oregon there’s over the counter products with ranges from 18-26% THC 63+% CBD, testing with these in your system will send the test off the chart. These are sold under the category of “full spectrum” on the other hand and this my personal recommendation, stay away of all THC products, no reason to walk the line, go with a CBD ” isolate ” these are a targeted extract and no THC should be found. Buy these from reputable sources with third-party lab testing results. A lot of shady companies are out there with cheap, thinned products, with nasty extraction methods,  that very huge amounts in all categories. Some choose to add trace amounts of TCH to their CBD products knowing that THC and CBD work best in unsent and will label THC free.

The extraction methods should be at the least CO2, its expensive but consistent. Don’t judge a product by price, It’s your job at least on the line.

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