CBD confusion? your not alone.

It seems the wheels are starting to come off the CBD wagon, that’s good and bad for many reasons, but the main reason is CBD confusion, and you are not alone.

The good is more people are doing deeper research and gaining a better understanding of their reasons and methods for using CBD.

Not all people need to use CBD and the flood of products and public hype makes it hard to not consider, it’s been hyped as a “cure-all’, but mostly taking it you feel no different, there’s not a ‘high’ with CBD, like caffeine, nicotine or alcohol. So taking it seems harmless and a pass to be in with the in the crowd.

Therein lies a problem, if you take any prescription, supplement or any mood or mind-altering substance the use of CBD is skewed as CBD work with many receptors in your body opening, closing and feathering your natural flow and balance. This can affect your prescription and alter the effectiveness of your supplements.

For many, especially those with seizures CBD can be life-changing, but these cases have been well documented and under a doctors’ supervision.

Let’s get things straight if you’re on prescriptions talk with your doctor before using CBD.

Next is the use of VAPES, a popular and quickest way to ingest CBD. Vaping was made popular, as  a smokeless way to inhale mostly THC, then nicotine, then just about anything, The process is simple a battery heats up a small heating element to a set temperature just a few degrees shy of combustion, the oils (THC, CBD, terpenes, nicotine, caffeine ) vaporize to a fine mist (vapor) which  inhaled without the carcinogenic of combustion or smoke.

Promoted a more healthy way to smoke. Let’s GET REAL HERE if you have seen the amount of vapor one exhales, either in person or on t.v and think it’s harmless (don’t drink the cool-aid!!!).

As I write this, the industry is pulling just about all vape cartridges , do to reported DEATH and lung disease occurring across the U, S. The cause is with the contents of the liquid being vaped, thinners and additives and who knows what is used to fill these cartridges, black market labs, and home enthusiasts are making their own concoctions and flooding the market with untested products.

It’s very important now more than ever to understand the  built-in safeguards in the CBD market

  • All reputable companies will have a lab testing link labeled on each product, some states have made this a law, this means you can go online and see the exact labs testing results of the product you have in your hand.
  • Most, if not all companies have an interactive web site with online chat, they offer assistant and answer questions on products, this is an often overlooked service, don’t hesitate to use it.

With CBD being used in so many products its time to ask what is the best application for your specific needs?

Obviously, topicals, cosmetics, and external applications need less scrutiny, oils, tinctures, isolates, gummies, and anything taken internally should be lab tested with TOTAL transparency.

If you are looking to purchase top-quality CBD products follow this link to our review and recommendations section, these are industry leaders and are here to offer help, advice, and products.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.                Thanks for stopping by T.C

16 Replies to “CBD confusion? your not alone.”

  1. Hey TC. I’ve been trying out CBD oil for my pain issues (I have rheumatoid arthritis). It’s actually one of the most popular remedies for joint pain at this point but it’s also one of the most controversial ones. In my case it wasn’t the best remedy ever, even though it did help. I was using it mostly topically and I had best results with products taken by mouth. Anyway, I heard a lot of good things about it (including from people suffering from arthritis), it was probably just not the best thing for my body. I still think it’s a valuable herbal remedy and I’m glad it’s getting more popular.

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for your comment it’s always good to hear from someone with first-hand experience, I’m not sure where you are located but for topical pain relief try ”full-spectrum” oil hemp or cannabis,full-spectrum uses all the compounds of the plant works great for pain and sore muscles, I’m in Oregon where its legal and can be purchased in an unlimited form of strengths, thanks again for your input T.C

  2. The truth is, for now, there will still be some controversies surrounding the use of cbd. I have also heard that in an MMA match, a fighter came in vaping cbd and the authorities were really furious about this because smoking is not allowed so why vape? He has to make some explanations that it was cbd not smoke. There are also different types of cbd and so it will be hard to know which is the best. Cool argument here.

    1. Hi John, I never heard the MMA story but carrying yourself as a professional is a good place to start. who knows what he was vaping, most pros get drug tested before and after if things look shady, seems like someone was looking for attention  I’m sure he will get it pro or con,  thanks for the comment im going to followup on this fight could be a good read thanks again T, C

  3. though the hyping around cbdoil can be tagged as being eccentric, but then, it is well worth it. however, as with other things in the world, it is only a matter of time before greed rules and that has led to creation of substandard cbd oil products. this is very great to see here. thank you so much for giving all these info as how to ensure we pick the right product devoid of all problems associated with fake cbd products that are harmful to our health.

    1. Rodarrick, it seems you if give humans enough rope…….but making fake consumables is just plain shady, especially on health care or medicine products we seem to be dragging our knuckles on safety here, but full disclosure is a start. 

      thanks for your feedback T.C

  4. You are so right. We are being bombarded by CBD information, and one almost feels like it is a necessity to take this substance, even though man has survived thousands of years without it.

    Thanks for enlightening us with this article, and it is good to have a list of things to look for when purchasing CBD oil, as by the looks of things not all oils are created the same.

    I will definitely be looking out for products tested in labs for the future.

    1. Hi Michel, CBD has been around pre b.c, so has shady characters keep an eye on the labels and only use the ones that have nothing to hide, as you can see lately theres plenty to choose from thanks for you input T.C

  5. Hello there. I never used CBD oil because I’m a pretty healthy person but I know it’s one of my grandma’s favorite products for her knee pain. We’re lucky to live in a state where CBD oil is available with prescription, but I know many countries (or even some US states) forbid it. I personally don’t understand why, since it’s impossible to get high from the oil itself. As far as I know, it only contains pain relieving compounds, not the ones that get you high. So it’s such a shame it’s not promoted more, I know my grandma really feels better after using it.

    1. Ashley, thanks for your comment, being healthy is a gift and a great place to be. if it’s not broke don’t fix it. I applaud  grandma for giving CBD a chance and her acknowledgment it works for her.

      shout out to ALL GRANDMAS thank you, T.C

  6. You’re so correct that CBD products are flooding everywhere and people need to know that these products are not meant for everyone. The issue I always have with the society we live in now is that of self medication, we tend to just pick up products supplements, drugs online and ingest it into our system without doctor’s prescription or any medical recommendations, this is really bad and dangerous to our health. 

    The built-in safeguards in the CBD market is a great move to improvement and it’ll be of help to the society at large. Thanks for sharing this information, it’s really of great help.

    1. Hi DreaJay, it’s amazing how fast CBD hit the market as a supplement in time I think it will end up being a drug, but in the U.S the FDA and the DEA hold the cards, unfortunately, they sit at different tables, that does bring self-medication into play, lots of countries are moving quickly forward with CBD, all we can do is take note.

      thanks for your feedback T.C

  7. This is a unique post. So much hype has been surrounding CBD. And as you have stated at the beginning, it’s offered and promoted as a cure all solution. But you take a step back here and examine things from a different perspective. There is no need to go with the excited crowd that’s just being lead in a direction that most of the time benefits others (and not those being lead).

    1. Hi Henry, your right on following the crowd, always best to follow your own path, it’s great to pick up help along the way if needed. CBD has miraculous qualities if and when needed..thanks for your feedback T.C

  8. I’m one person that really doesn’t know a lot about CBD and I’ve been searching for the side effects of CBS and haven’t had much success. Is CBD really really safe to use I hear it may result in lung injury and drowsiness and a few other stuff so I’m quite hesitant to use any products but I think use of the proper and prescribed dosage might be helpful and safe.

    1. Hi Donny, the lung injuries and recall is from vaping, and most are concentrated around the flavored vape oils nevertheless all vaping is considered guilty by association, CBD has many positive attributes check out blueplanetcbd.com for research and information 

      thanks for your comments, T.C

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