CBD for anxiety disorders

With all the benefits of CBD, the one that stands out and is most commented on is the effects on ANXIETY. At first, it seems hard to define but as researchers hone the cause and effect things are becoming a lot more focused. For me it seems we all have nervous reactions, the butterflies in your stomach when you’re anticipating something you have yet to experience, or are uncomfortable to start with, seems like a normal response. But what happens when someone is effected so severely they can’t control these emotions? this is where CBD FOR ANXIETY DISORDERS plays a positive role.

I was first introduced to extreme anxiety by my friend Vinney, he was a purple heart veteran who lived through things beyond my conception, we worked together in construction of which he is very talented, unfortunately, in the area we worked was a very high traffic zone of tourist helicopters and deep canyons, when a copter made a turn in these valleys the blade noise echoed and could be heard for miles. These sounds sent Vinney into a different world for sometimes minutes or longer, this was before the term PTSD, he just called it shell shock, and tried to overcome it the best he could. Being somewhat of an organic person he never felt right with prescriptions. He worked best with a mild cannabis high, and was the first person to tell me about a strain that had almost no high (THC) and was under the impression it was a certain plant, a mutant from his garden, it turned into a prize for him…by cutting this plant he kept it going for years. It was a game-changer and his symptoms were curbed dramatically. As time on we heard of “Charlotte web ” and the research of CBD and other compounds of cannabis/ hemp.

Let s see where we stand today, according to the” NCBI” National Center for Biotechnology Information studying pre-clinical, human experimental, clinical, and epidemiological studies, we have found strong evidence that supports CBD as a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Studies are still going on at a rapid pace, most are in other countries like Israel where cannabis is looked upon in a very different light.

Studies and testing on anxiety with CBD that has shown the most obvious benefits are conducted with groups of people, some with low dose some with high and some with a placebo, All performed with public speaking,(something almost all would consider stressful with high anxiety). the research was quite positive for CBD, lets hope moving forward more FDA research will be welcomed here in the U, S.

In the U. S big pharma has been working on certain reactors and have a fair line of prescriptions available, the likes of Prozac, Zoloft seems to be doctors first choice, for more extreme cases tranquilizers like Xanax and Valium come into play, unfortunately, they can be highly addictive and their effects vary with each individual, the quote “practicing medicine” comes into play, and It could take some time to get dailed.

That being said if you experience the anxiety of any kind, do yourself and everyone else a favor, take the first step, ask for and get help, you are not alone 18% of all adults or 40 million people have a various form of anxiety.

CBD is not addictive and not habit-forming, it’s organic and comes in a huge variety of forms from gummie bears to water, vapes, tinctures, oral sprays to gel caps, CBD is being added to just about everything. Certain strains of cannabis are being developed that contain high CBD and low THC, that being said high THC is not something that goes well with anxiety. My best recommendations would start with 0% THC, work with a minimum dose of CBD use for a week or two takes notes to see how you feel, then slowly add more milligrams until you find your personal benchmark, remember CBD works in the background you might not even notice it’s there. CBD does not get you “high” so as I said takes notes. If you feel the need add a low dose of THC as CBD/THC works best in uni sent start with a low content of THC and build your tolerance until your content.

We all have different tolerances of any medications so take your time if you are on ANY prescriptions ask your doctor, it is important to all be on the same page with anxiety.

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  1. It is so true that CBD can definitely help with Anxiety. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2000 and dealt with some crazy pharmaceuticals before giving them all up in 2010. My dogs’ middle name is Xanax LOL. She is part of my medical profile now too. Can’t seem to get Humana to pay for her food though LOL You are on the right track keep sharing and caring! onward n upward captdennis

    1. Captain Dennis, thank you for more than reading my post its people like you I hoped I could reach with this web site, being under the thumb of rules and regulations is a tough place to be, congratulations on walking away from the pharmaceuticals, that in itself is hard to put in words…..thank you comes to mind…..     you can always change your dogs middle name she might like that, we have a word in Hawaiian “IMUA” it means to move forward. my hats off to you captain Dennis may the wind always be at your back, good luck, good life thanks again T.C    

  2. I must commend you for this lovely guide on CBD for anxiety disorder.

    You laid it all out clearly and showed a series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me.  You really have a good line of digital products. Internet marketing is changing every day and we need coaches like you to help keep us up to date. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Ola, There’s been quite a lot of information on CBD lately, for good reason, lots of positive results we just passed a hemp bill here in the U.S so farmers are getting a good start, although CBD won’t be a main focus of hemp, but a nice bi-product ,Ola check in from time to time or if you need a better understanding hit me up at blueplanetcbd.com. I will try my best to keep things up to date thanks again T.C

  3. Thank God, that I don’t have any problem like anxiety disorder. Yet your writing makes me cautious about this problem and I will definitely be looking forward to how to avoid this phenomenon. Thanks a lot for this inspirational (to me) article.

    Please, write more, so that persons like me can get help and take actions to avoid such syndromes. 

    Good task. 

    1. Hi,Radeetalam, thanks for reading my post ,and even more thanks you don’t suffer from anxiety, lots of folks often don’t realize their effect, there’s for sure various depths, most people just act like its a mood thing, we all know someone affected and act like its a personality trait, might be or could be a sign of an undiagnosed issue. I hope we get better research here in the U.S. life should be enjoyed.  thanks again T.C

  4. CBD is definitely the way to go about getting rid of anxiety from what have read in this article. In reality,the reason why most go for substance that gets you high, example, cannabis is because of it’s ability to get them really high that they forget whatever thing they are going through at the moment, but they have forgotten it is only temporary so when it wears off they go back to that previous State plus they just get very addicted to it because it is so addictive. I fee more people need to know about this.

    1. Hi Seyi, thanks for checking out my post, any form of abuse is a red flag, but when prescribed you get a sense of false confidence, have a look at are current opioid nightmare, most started with legit prescription’s, big pharmaceutical company’s, work in mysterious ways good, bad and ugly. Each person has a different story, I hope CBD can move into a positive light, it might not work for everyone, but for those, it helps, good on them. thanks for thanking time to respond to my post-T.C

  5. Dear TC,

    Thanks a lot for the post and I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational.

    I got great insights from your post and recently CBD oil is the talk of the internet. Even in the Facebook loads of testimonies and posts. Your post means a lot to me because as a blogger I was thinking of promoting CBD oil in my site.

    To be honest one of my very close friend’s life is changed by CBD oil and her story really inspired me to take CBD oil seriously. After doing some research as you said the benefits of CBD is amazing and mind-blowing. Even one of my friend is having a blog on growing cannabis.

    Indeed anxiety disorder is a big challenge. You not only discussed the problem but you have also provided with the helpful solution as well. I was afraid and thinking whether using CBD will I become addicted and you answered it in your post.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi Paul, thanks for your positive feedback, like all  supplements you have to wonder if they’re legitimate, or just a new fad, CBD is a source of medicine that, if it works for you great, if not well no harm done, organic, non addicting and over the counter, I have seen it work wonders and had other friends offer no comment as they were expecting something more pharmaceutical. As we green as a society I hope more plant-based, pure cures come online thanks again T.C 

  6. Thanks for writing this article on CBD for anxiety disorder. I find this article so informative and educative and I must commend you for the job well done for taking your time to do your findings and find out about how CBD oil can be used for anxiety disorder. I must say am impressed

    there is so many things I heard about Cbd and what it    be used for ranging from some human illness and for pet.but I never know it can also be used for anxiety disorder in which you write an article on now.  I need to know more about want it can be used for in other for me to know people I can recommend it for. Thanks

    1. Hi Ajibola40, thank for the comment on my post, CBD / cannabis has been used as a medicine  for thousands of years, Lately, its medical values have been coming to light more outside the U.S than in it, because of our laws and regulations, but that’s changing. For more information keep checking in to blueplanetcbd.com, i try to keep up with what’s going on and where it headed thanks again T.C

  7. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your site. I noticed that it is clean and fresh as well as easy to navigate. I really like the layout and feel. One thing that I would consider doing a little differently relates to titles/headings. I feel that if the first letter of EVERY word, no matter how insignificant the word, is capitalized then the words make more of a statement. Ironically, I have been working on a similar niche so I found it interesting that I found you. In fact, I have recently been tossing around the ideas for a post entitled “How Does Marijuana Help With Anxiety And Depression?”  I know that unlike marijuana, CBD contains very little to no THC. My focus is on Cannabis in a broader spectrum, including marijuana, CBD, hemp and the like. What are your thoughts on the matter? Kudos!

    1. Hi Julie, thanks so much for your feedback, I get your capitalize point and I will for sure  go back and upgrade everything. I live in a recreational state (Oregon) and we have an unlimited source for cannabis and CBD in all shapes and sizes, cannabis, in general, has got a bad rap in the U.S, but we’re slowly growing past the stigma, as I mentioned as far as THC and ANXIETY go THC is not so good, some high THC strains give you a paranoid start to the high and paranoid/anxiety are not a good combo, although CBD and THC work best together it takes time to find a proper benchmark, different strains, and percentages are endless, I think your research and posting anything on this subject moving forward is a good idea, if you need help or feedback let me know, I would take it as a compliment as this subject needs more insight thanks again T.C

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