CBD isolate vs full spectrum

As CBD starts to be more recognized as a useful supplement, the folks in the labs are getting a little more leeway on testing and breaking down the sources ( hemp and cannabis) to isolate’s and combining its contents into a wide variety of wonderful compounds. Special needs and certain restrictions are being researched, and progress is taking place at a rapid pace.

As people shop and see all the options a common question comes up about CBD ISOLATE VS. FULL SPECTRUM  CBD oils and products it might sound confusing and being put on the spot it can be. lets clear things up so you can have a total understanding of the products and content you are considering to purchase.

CBD isolates,

With over 400 chemical entities in cannabis/ Hemp, at least 60 are to be considered “cannaboids”.the chemists have their hands full extracting and compounding the seamlessly endless array of variations of this wonderful plant.Of all the compounds so far the two most popular are THC and CBD. Natures plan is perfect, but humans seem a need to put a spin on just about everything, This is where CBD isolate comes in.

After the researchers discovered the benefits of CBD they found ways to isolate the single element, the process is not difficult and with the right equipment can be done very safely and accurate.

At this point you can purchase pure CBD isolates with 99.5% purity, it comes in powder or Crystal forms and is super effective, works quickly can be applied to anything, from adding it to juice, tea or coffee to vaping the crystals. Isolates are a suburb form of CBD, no oils, flavors or the unpleasant application process.

The main positive in my opinion is the fact it is free of THC, 0% no trace amounts, so you can have the benefits of CBD and not have to worry about any THC in your system, a pure, isolated compound, with no other ingredients it gives you the option to use it how and where you chose,


As I mention with over 400 elements in cannabis/ hemp. Natures perfect plan, it makes sense to stick with the plan, full spectrum CBD is made with ALL the plant’s entities often referred to as “whole plant CBD”. Some call it the entourage effect meaning all the parts work together to archive its natural propose.

Full spectrum CBD has a lot going on, lets start with the basic form (available in all 50 States) this is sold as a supplement it contains all compounds including CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), This is where things get tricky, to be legal the maximum percent of THC is .3%. Yes, it’s a trace amount but it’s still a readable content. That being said it’s not enough to get a TCH ” high” but if taken in large dose it could put you over the threshold to fail a drug test, something to consider if you ever could be tested.

Next, and this is for those of you in legal states or places that have a medical marijuana program’s, you have the ability to buy FULL SPECTRUM oils, sprays, drops, soda, vapes and so on in custom ratios or as nature wanted it with each various strains, most of these are extracted from local cannabis and can be UNBELIEVABLY strong. If you are new to CBD or TCH.– TAKE THIS AS A HEADS UP– looking at the ingredients on the package can get overwhelmingly scientific, do not be intimated,ask as many questions as it takes to make sure you have FULL understanding of the products you purchase, you will find there are many similar products with various strengths and percentages of CBD/TCH some are low in THC and super high in CBD and have been scientifically blended, I have seen CBD posted as high a 64%. Just make sure you have a full understanding of content, if you are new to THC, Start low and work your way to a reasonable benchmark otherwise you might have an unpleasant experience, the best advice start with 0% THC.

So in conclusion, we have the ability to isolate the CBD compound from the plant and produce pure CBD.

Or we can use whole plant extract and manipulate its contents to just about any ratio or combination, allowing you to experiment and really dial in your personal benchmark, from there you will be able to adjust your dose as necessary, for sleep, pain relief, anxiety, etc.

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  1. This was quite interesting to me. I have recently started researching CBD oil, and I don’t know much yet. My cousin has MS and medications have been doing nothing for her, aside from giving her dreadful side effects. The doctor has only just agreed to give her a trial of medical CBD oil, but then he told her she wouldn’t be allowed to drive because of the THC content. It’s interesting to know that at 0.3% she may be able to drive, pending her dosage and whether it will or won’t give  reading in a test. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Hi,  JOSIE, thanks for your interest in CBD,  its a good start getting your doctor to recognize CBD most have a standoff  approach It’s not uncommon as it has an old school stereotype, you can get CBD with 0% THC, in quite a few different forms, no THC= no high and driving will not be a problem, if you would like to do a read up on CBD please visit my site its designed for exactly your situation blueplanetcbd.com . the thing with CBD oil is that it takes a while to take effect because it has to be digested and past thru the liver, also less than 10% of your intake will be processed, with water-soluble- CBD 99 -100% will be processed, so you take WAY less, CBD comes in sprays, drops, even gummie bears, if you have any questions or need suggestions, don’t to hesitate  to leave comments  and ill get back to you asap.thanks for your  interest and good luck, T.C

  2. Its wonderful to see at long last the benefits of CBD being made available to the public. The chemists have found CBD isolates to be super beneficial it’s great that it can be purchased with nearly 100% purity in powder or crystal. The powder can be added to almost anything that you drink. It seems to be the better form of Cbd, no tracks elements or THD, so it is pure. It does seem to matter which state you live in as to the availability of full spectrum oils, your advice to check very carefully check the product ingredients and ask as many questions as you feel the need to before embarking on this product for pain, sleep or anxiety.

    Have you used CBD yourself ?

    1. Hi, fintan thanks for your feedback, and yes CBD has been on a slow roll but that’s rapidly changing. I live in a legal state( Oregon), and use CBD when needed to relax or as topicals on sore muscles, I prefer full spectrum, crystals or water-soluble powders, as the taste of the oils I find harsh thanks again, T.C

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