CBD (warning) Heads up!

With the booming onslaught of CBD products and competition in the market, it was only a matter of time before this fairly unregulated market hit a wall.

At this point its time to offer a CBD ‘heads up’, as I mentioned in previous posts about, SHADY products and companies its time to take a closer look at what you get when you purchase CBD.

It’s estimated that half the hemp oil tested by the Center for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) in the u.k comes up short of the listed ingredients. In the 84 different products tested, from 25 different companies most had more CBD than labeled, 26% had less than indicated, and just 31 % were accurately labeled.

These numbers mean 70% of the products were labeled inaccurately. 18 of the 84 products tested with THC, had a variance of up to 6 mg. Vape liquids were the most inaccurate.

The concern for accurately measure products has raised concern here in the U.S by the FDA (Food and drug administration) and although not regulated the FDA tested and sent out warning letters to some CBD companies who made unsubstantiated claims about their products being effective or were mislabeled.

Some states have put laws into place to mandate accurate testing and labeling. This calls for mandatory third-party testing and COA (Certificate of Analysis). This gives consumers instant access to accurate information on products before they purchase them including potency and tests for harmful chemicals such as pesticides.

In early February 2019, Local Miami NBC investigation published a story in which they tested 35 different products from 6 brands purchased online and in stores. They found that 20 of these products had less than half the amount of CBD on the label, some having none at all. They reported gummies to be the most inaccurate product.

In Los Angeles fox 11 did a similar study. They sent 13 CBD products purchased in stores to a third-party lab for analysis. They found that only one of these products had an accurate label. Two more products were close to being accurate, one had more CBD than labeled, four had significantly less CBD than labeled and five of the products had no CBD detected at all. They also found potentially harmful levels of ethanol in a few of the products.


If you are in the business of CBD it makes sense to put all your cards on the table, with competition as stiff as it is the best will quickly rise to the top. If you are spending your hard-earned money on CBD take notes to become an expert in YOUR needs and take keep these simple steps on top of your list

1- Third-party testing (mandatory)

2- know your extraction methods, CO2 or better

3- COA (Certificate of Analysis) for the product you have in hand

Here at blueplanetcbd.com we only represent companies that pass our strict guidelines, if you have questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

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