CBD WATER a major breakthrough

Well, it was just a matter of time, with CBD being added to just about everything, and the benefits coming to light the researchers are blazing the trails to find better ways to administer this wonderful compound. Today I will be talking about CBD WATER,  how can this be possible? CBD an oil-based compound mixed with water?… In these times I have learned to never underestimate the folks in the lab coats, and this technology is the stuff of fiction coming to life.

Quantum physics, yes, as I said, never underestimate a real chemist in a quality lab. Nanotechnology is the process of shrinking down a CBD compound to one millionth its normal size, called a nanoparticle. Although not technically infused, but small enough to be embedded in water clusters that are easily absorbed in your system.

Sounds good, well therein lies a topic of controversy, Nanotechnology is still a field that itself is being researched Nanoparticles can bypass the body’s protective barriers and are something our bodies are not familiar with. Researchers are concerned with how our bodies react to these tiny particles, and how they are being stored or processed.

One word you are going to hear lots with CBD water is BIOAVAILABILITY. Sounds impressive but it has been used in medicine for years, bioavailability is simply how much and how fast anything your ingests, alcohol, THC, CBD, or orange juice actually gets to your bloodstream and is used by your body. A very small percent of most things you consume actually gets used.

It is important to note that with low-grade CBD weather, oils, gummies or gel caps up to 90% is flushed or not absorbed, that’s why it’s very important to know your source, read the third party lab test ( meaning the testing lab is not in the house). Ask question’s to the companies you buy from, these products are not cheap, it’s your hard-earned money. Make sure you get the best products for your money. With the CBD boom, there are LOTS of shady products out there. BEWARE. Here at blueplanetcbd .com, we do our best to screen anyone we recommend with so many companies coming online most don’t pass, so check out our review section for recommended sources.

What are good reason’s to consider CBD water? .First off is the taste, CBD water is p.h balanced at around 7.4 -9.0 it tastes like pure water and the p.h helps the absorption rate. Add lemon or lime for essence.

For those of you that use CBD oil, the flavors and textures are somewhat of a challenge, thick oils or high concentrated flavors take some time to get accustomed to, if ever, I myself use the old wheatgrass cover-up method and chase it with a slice of orange or citrus of some kind to at least cleanse the pallet.

Next CBD water, as refined as it is, should be THC free-0% THC so you won’t get high or run the risk of a failed drug test, but be sure to read the label carefully, as most companies have different processes.

Next is the amount of absorption, with CBD water over 90% + is used and disturbed at a fairly rapid rate, this is a great thing for athletes and health aficionados for rapid recovery, and pain relief, but all this comes at a price, a pretty hefty one at that. The average price of a 500 ml bottle with 4mg of CBD is approximately $10.00. In house and shipping could go to $ 15.00+, something to think about before you pour it on your head to cool down after that marathon or hard work out…..!

That being said, a huge benefit of CBD water is because it of its 90%+ absorption rate, you don’t have to take as much as you would with oils, vapes other methods, some people are adding it to plain bottled water and thinning it out for their daily work out or simple daily regime.

Dosage with CBD water, these are a basic suggestion, if you use CBD as a daily health supplement 10-30 mg a day is a good starting point.

If you are using for an ailment, pain, anxiety, weight loss, etc 2 -10 mg per kilo of body weight ( 100 lb persons =  approx. 500 mg CBD water) these are general starting points and as you get more familiar with this delivery style you should easily find your personal benchmark in a few weeks.

As always if you are on ANY prescription drugs, Please contact your doctor and go over your thoughts and concerns, CBD can block, and regulate different drugs in your system, not something to take lightly.

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If you have any question or concerns feel free to leave below.

16 Replies to “CBD WATER a major breakthrough”

  1. Hi TC, 

    Wow! From CBD oil to CBD water, science, nanotechnology is bringing a lot of value to the table, with this one. 

    So, when I take it, it tastes like flavored water? I was skeptical about the CBD oil because of its reported taste, I am believing that the CBD water will taste just great enough for me to be a regular user. 

    1. Hi, PEACE, great name, thanks for the comment on my post.CBD water has a neutral flavor some have an essence of flavor, but nothing like the thick oil cover-ups, this field is moving fast and steady as of this writing the process of encapsulating an oil into a water-based compound is going to a powdered form you keep in your pocket and add to anything you like thanks again, T.C 

  2. Fantastic information about CBD oil. I have seen the adverts on billboards, but nothing as in-depth as your blog article.

     I didn’t actually know that CBD oil can help with seizures. I’ ll remember that bit of information if I run into anyone with this particular problem. I have been thinking about trying it for my osteoarthritis pain and to help me sleep consistently. Thanks for the eye opener

    1. Hi  Hussaain, thanks for the input on my post, The biggest breakthrough in the CBD field and the start of all medical marijuana programs came from a young girl in Colorado named” Charlotte figgy “google her for a great read on how CBD changed her life and blazed a trail for thousands with seizures and other ailments its an uplifting read and truly an eye opener, for pain and sleep try an isolate or a low dose of water-soluble powder after dinner, let me know if I can help thanks, T,C 

  3. This is really amazing and fascinating. But I must confess, this doesn’t shock me because I know there is nothing just impossible to string forth from CBD. All about them is the best and helpful to human health. This CBD water is really a great idea, especially the fact that is BIOAVAILABILITY. I do like to test it out if is affordable on Amazon.

    1. Hello, and thanks for the comment on my post, the cost of CBD water is just huge, but I anticipate it will drop rapidly as the market is already changing to water-soluble powders,  just add to your own source, juice coffee, water whatever check this link water-soluble powder you are right the sky is the limit as long as its being sold as a supplement check back often thanks again T.C

  4. I’m intrigued by the discovery on your post. CBD water? 

    I’m a constant user of the CBD oil but I never realized there could be a breakthrough as such in making water products. Though, I’ve never seen such a product may be because of its price and scarcity or is the fact that it is still a new discovery. But I am already eager to try them out.

    But, there are effects to the CBD oils, can you please be a little more explicit on the effects associated with this product

    1. Hi RoDarrick, thanks for the feedback on this post, I’m sure the price will drop soon and the big companies will keep the health concerns in check, as of this post the lab coat crew has been hard at work with encapsulating CBD in water-based forms  check out this link WATER SOLUBLE CBD , with the break down and rapid absorption of water-soluble CBD products you need to consume WAY less and it works faster up to 100% is  being used. As  with all CBD products, the side effects are very minimal but beware if you take any prescriptions, things can get complicated, my next post will be on the SIDE EFFECTS OF CBD, coming up next week stop by often and feel free to email or leave comments on your concerns of CBD thanks again T, C 

  5. Hey, TC

    What are they going to think of next in the CBD zone?  Although I like the idea of having it in the water, I’m not that big on paying up to $15 for a bottle of it.

    And the part about nanotechnology?  Until they are 100% sure that it’s not going to be a problem for our human bodies I think we would be best to stick with just water and use a supplement or drops.

    I just think it might be too much too fast, you know?


    1. Hi Wayne, I agree this field is moving faster than we can keep up with because it’s being sold as a supplement, the large companies are just one up-ing each other, as the price reflects CBD water is the new best thing I foresee a huge drop as it becomes more available, something almost as new is WATER SOLUBLE CBD POWDER  add it to your own beverage when and where you want if you ever have questions or concerns feel free to email or leave comments I will get back asap thanks T, C

  6. Wel. This is the first time I am hearing such a word called CBD water, each time I come across  a review like this it impresses me to read because I am going to learn new things, the use of nanotechnology to shrink down a CBD compound to be small enough to be embedded into water clusters that are easily absorbed in the system. Great job thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Hi thanks for the input on CBD water, and yes the folks in the lab’s coats have been working overtime, as we move forward we will be seeing all sorts of uses for nanotechnology CBD has a good foothold and breakthroughs are happening almost daily, check back from time to time as this field is moving at a breakneck pace thanks again T.C

  7. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. I’m new to CBD water but reading your post made it known to me how effective it is for a pain reliever and weight loss. I would love to have this for my personal use during athletics. I hope this CBD water doesn’t have any side effects on the overall body? Thanks for the review. Best regards 

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you enjoyed the post, I have been keeping my eye on the nanotechnology as it is fairly new, other forms  of CBD you might want to look into are water-soluble powders or oral sprays for your pain management, I try to keep up to speed in this rapidly advancing field so check back often and post or email any questions you may have on CBD thanks T.C

  8. This is a very informative article for me, as it draws my attention, aside from other things, on the applying caution in our purchases of CBD products as indicated that there are lots of low standard CBD products out there, which the use of blueplanetcbd. com would help us stay away from. 

    Most importantly is my enlightenment today on the CBD Water. I have never heard of that before but I do know it’s very possible to conceive the idea of this sort of wonderful product through the principle of BIOAVAILABILITY. The nanotechnology is mindblowing. We all know that the health benefit of CBD/a> oil is magnificent. 

    I recommend CBD Water for everyone too.

    1. Hello, and thanks for the feedback on CBD water, it is very important to screen your source for CBD, lately, some big labs have been selling bulk forms of CBD, so untrained folks are mixing their own concoctions, not a good idea. The movement of CBD is turning to an open flood gate, the great benefits are definitely being accepted and the labs are working non-stop check back often and don’t hesitate to write if you have any questions thanks again T.C

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