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Hello, today are review will be on CBDPURE,

Here at Blue Planet CBD, we do the footwork to help people make informed choices and avoid confusion when shopping for or using CBD.

With CBDPURE this is what we found.                                                                                                                                                                         
– hemp oil, 4 products,3 liquid,1 soft gel.

Lowest price offered CBDPURE website.              
Size of container
2 oz bottles, soft gels 30 tablets.              

Guarantee, yes, 90 days, 100% satisfaction guarantee.    

 Third Party testing, yes, lab results on site.         

Customer service yes, GREAT.         

My rating    5 of 5.           

The folks at CBDPURE, have put together a nice line of HEMP OIL, it’s a full spectrum oil, base on organic practices grown in Colorado.

They use co2 as their extract methods, extensive testing for CBD profiles and terpenes, check for pesticides and residual solvents.

They offer 3 strengths of CBD starting at 100 mg, 300mg, 600mg, these are all in 2 oz (60ml) bottles, and at 20 drops twice a day should last 30 days.

Also available are their soft gels where you get 30, 25mg gel caps.

As you can see PURECBD has covered a large range of application with a relatively small amount of products, keeps things simple.

These are sold as supplements, and as always I ask if your taking prescription drugs to please ask your doctor about adding any CBD to your regime.

Also, take note these products do contain trace amounts TCH .03% which is approved in all 50 states never the less it’s not 0 %.

For those of you that have medical marijuana cards or recreational use states and like your THC/CBD in high concentrates these products are NOT what you after.

I hope you enjoyed this review and it helps you to make a more informed choice on your purchase of CBD.

iI you would like to purchase PURECBD click here.

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