Cooking with CBD a few things to note before you get started

Cooking with CBD is a good way to enjoy its benefits and branch out into various forms of application. Before you get started there are a few things to know.

CBD is fat soluble. It blends with oils and fats. Keep this in mind when you prep. Next is it’s not water-soluble. Oil and water don’t mix. you can sprinkle isolates on a salad or add it to juice but because it won’t combine you run the risk of wasting it. The most common and accurate way to use it is to infuse nonflavored CBD oil into other oil-based forms, butter, coconut, vegetable, olive oils are a good place to start. Use refined oil at first, these are more neutral in flavor and work best with baking or sauces.

Most CBD oil products are hemp oil based which in itself has a unique flavor at best. As you get more familiar with the tastes and flavors you can try unrefined CBD oils, and blend various spices and herbs, mint, oregano, clove, garlic orange peel.  A  limitless palette playing with the flavor of the oil itself.

CBD evaporates at around 320* degrees Fahrenheit, so a good rule of thumb is to stay around 200 degrees and just go-slow. Don’t add CBD oils to direct heat it will make the taste very thick and bitter, blend slowly and STIR often. Stay with low heat. This also gives you the option of adding alcohol like rum, vodka, and whiskey and maintain their flavors as well.

Good advice is to start with small doses and add more to get the flavor and effect you like. Remember CBD doesn’t have a taste but hemp oil does and most all companies add flavors to mask it. The flavors are endless, some good, some awful, but all are very concentrated. Something to note when you are pairing flavors.


When preparing isolates note of the amount of CBD and strength. For  example, 1 gram of isolate contains 1000 mg of CBD. Mixed with 2 ounces of oil, every 1 ml will contain 16 mg of CBD. This is a sliding scale. Take into consideration the number of people being served or the number of edibles being made. Most glass eye droppers hold at least 1 ml.

Slowly heat the oil (remember low heat) then add the isolate and stir. After about 5 to 10 minutes it will be infused and will be a thin clean oil. Now it is ready to use or store. If storing, place it in a cool dry place, or store in the refrigerator with a tight-fitting lid. I like to use a dark glass jar it makes it easy to reheat and stops the CBD /THC from receiving direct light, which breaks down all cannabis over time.

Cooking with CBD is a great way to break up your supplemental intake, and a good way to get around the taste and feeling of thick oils on your teeth & taste buds. Give it a try you might be pleasantly surprised.

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20 Replies to “Cooking with CBD a few things to note before you get started”

  1. Fantastic info about CBD oil. I have seen the adverts on billboards, but nothing as in-depth as your article.

    I didn’t know that CBD oil can help with seizures and also am just getting to know I can cook with CBD oil.I’ ll remember that bit of information if I run into anyone with that particular problem. I have been thinking about trying it for my osteoarthritis pain and to help me sleep. I think the oiliness will bother me, so maybe the capsules would be a better choice.

    1. Thanks for the interest in CBD. Cooking with it is a great way to consume it   without having to deal with the thick oil and taste, it will for sure help you sleep better if you add it to your dinner, for your pain you might want to try a topical lotion   applied to the spot. If the flavors are a breaking point try CBD isolate, tasteless and flavorless powder or crystal form 99.99%pure  CBD ISOLATE  , if you have questions or concerns let me know i would be glad to help T.C

  2. Can it be an alternative to animal fat? Because we all want to eat clean food, the next step is to stop consuming animal fat and so far the consistency of vegetable oil can not really help in pastry, the consistency and taste of animal fat is still preferred. Now can we use CBD instead?

    1. Yes ,people get accustom to certain textures and flavors although animal fats a lard are a staple CBD will infuse in any oil ,for baking infuse it in the butter or vegetable or coconut  oil, for vegan use isolates or crystals pure 99.99% CBD, add to the dough or sprinkle on top of the finished product, you will not be disappointed. thanks for the response T.C

  3. This is very good advice for this who wish to use CBD oil to cook. I love CBD oil because I have used it before and I know it’s a health benefit. Anytime I use CBD oil I enjoy my meal and also, it is good for my hair as well. I will recommend it to anyone but most importantly, you must have some knowledge about it before you apply it to your meals which is where this article comes in

    1. Hi, thanks for the response its truly amazing the things CBD are being used for, my latest recipe is peanut butter with CBD, GREAT for lunch or a peanut sauce for dinner. Check back from time to time, and post a recipe when you find a gem thanks T.C

  4. thanks for writing this article on cooking with CBD and things to know about it. seriously am always amazed on what CBD can be used for, ranging from CBD for a pet, CBD for human health and so on. Truly I have not tried CBD for cooking before but am very sure it going to be great since having used most of the product on many occasions and it works fine. 

    1. Thanks for the response, yes next time your cooking try a side dish get creative and enjoy the experience, any oil based dish or blend, the sky is the limit, and your the chief have fun with it. Thanks again T.C

  5. Wow! I just got schooled about CBD oil. 

    I have been cooking for a while now, and I recently started looking for healthy and heart-friendly oils, that would present little health risks to me. 

    Coming across your article on cooking with  CBD oil, I think I’ve found what I am looking for. 

    I noticed you mentioned that most CBD oil is hemp-based oil. That’s a good thing because, from my knowledge of hemp, they have great benefits to keep a healthy life. 

    1. Thanks for the interest in CBD, cooking healthy is a art ,blending different flavors of CBD oil is a whole new    pallet e,  whether in a salad dressing or a sauce its up to you and I am sure you will not be disappointed, enjoy your creations and post some up if you can. Thanks again T.C

  6. This is nice. I have known for long, the health benefits of CBD oil and I have learned a lot about CBD oil and it’s products but I never knew that CBD oil can be used to cook food. I’m am glad I also got the details of using the oil with Isolates to get the best result I need. I love trying out new things and I think I will have to try CBD for cooking this time. Thanks for the tips. 

    1. Hello, and thanks for the interest in CBD,I hope you enjoy cooking with CBD ,i am sure you will like your results, a good dinner with a good night sleep or a morning pick up for a long day, have fun with it, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to let me know . thanks, T.C

  7. Thanks for sharing this article things to know before cooking with CBD oil. Yes, I am beneficial of CBD oil and I have never once regretted using it for pain and stress relief. Actually, I have used the CBD oil for cooking food though I have read that it’s as well beneficial. Seems I will to try the cooking too. I will take note of all you mentioned in this article before food preparation. Thanks a lot. 

    1. Nice. always glad for a testimonial from someone who uses CBD. These days it is being infused with just about everything, from water, coffee, oils, to pet care. Once you find your benchmark it’s easy to customize it to your personal needs, check back from time to time as I try to keep up with this awesome compound, Thanks again T.C

  8. nice one. This is educative. I have done some  research works on CBD, its products and benefits. It’s great that people like you are promoting its awareness despite the stigmatization surrounding CBD generally  by the uninformed. Though my wife has been cooking with CBD for a while now, it is entirely different from the ways you mentioned in your post. I have picked some new things which would be passed on to her for learning. Well done 

    1. Thanks for the good word, cooking in general is fun,cooking with benefits is even better, stop by my site when you have question or concerns with CBD, Its a slow start but CBD is coming to the main steam, health-conscious folks are grabbing the benefits of CBD and hopefully ditching the pharmaceuticals, live well T.C  

  9. Good afternoon,

    I thought I knew quite a few things about CBD but reading your post I realize that cooking with CBD is new to me.

    Good that you give the warning to not overheat. I will keep it at max 200 degrees. Up till now, I have put the drops below my tongue but now I feel inspired to try it is some dishes. Am curious to taste the result.

    Regards, Taetske 

    1. Hello, thanks for your response on cooking with CBD,A great way to take CBD and not feel restricted to ,drops ,sprays and capsules,A  great way to enjoy a dinner and a good nights sleep,since CBD itself is flavorless the options are up to you,most company’s base oil, is hemp, not my favorite, but not bad to blend, have fun with it thanks again T.C

  10. Hello TC,
    One of the most popular and interesting products of the present days is CBD oil. CBD oil for cooking will be a new experience. This review will be helpful to avoid the mistake that can happen while preparing dishes with this oil. I will try this method. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

    1. Hi I am glad you enjoyed my post, cooking with CBD is a good way to consume CBD without feeling like you are  taking a supplement, blending it with oils and flavors, is just fun and healthy. Check back if and when you need anything concerning CBD .thanks T.C

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