Dieting with CBD

First off as I research this topic I am completely taken back by the numbers, I had no idea that in the U. S 160 MILLION people are considered obese, 3/4 of men and 60% of women, 30% of boys under 20, that’s up from 19% in 1980. Alarming for sure, no wonder weight-loss scams, diet plans, good- bad and ugly are everywhere we look.

With all the benefits of CBD, there’s been quite a bit of information about weight loss and DIETING WITH CBD. Dieting in itself is a topic that seems to be endless and tainted with fads, hype, and misinformation, but I will try to explain how and why for some it has worked wonders.

First, off we need to understand how CBD work in our bodies, I will reiterate a bit here but for a more in-depth look check out my post titled “how CBD work”. CBD work with a series of receptors in our bodies called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).these receptors are located throughout our body and regulate the flow of our system, they continually open/ close and shade chemical reactions, prompting many of the positive reactions related to CBD.

As for dieting CBD can help regulate appetite and energy disbursement, It regulates lipid and glucose metabolism, this tells your body when to eat when you’re full, what to do with all you eat, and what chemicals to release to deal with your intake. This is important to the break down of the fat cells in our bodies. CBD aid in a process called ” fat browning.”

We have two kinds of fat white and brown, The white fat is stored excess calories your body doesn’t use after you eat. Stored fats are the ones to worry about and the ones you see.

Brown fats are the “good fats” they protect your vital organs from poison in our system, the more toxin in our bodies the harder it is to shed the fat. They also generate heat by burning calories. The more brown fat the faster energy is burned. The faster you burn fat, the less you have to carry. There have been great results of fat loss using CBD and working out in colder conditions as your body works harder to stay warm and burns more calories.

By releasing various toxins in our system, we need less fat to protect things and less fat is a good thing.

A few notes to consider when using CBD for weight loss and some general guidelines,

CBD is not the compound in hemp/cannabis that gets you “high” and gives you the munchies, that condition goes with TCH. Most CBD supplements contain less than .3% THC and are legal in all 50 states.

If you live in a legal state make sure of the contents, although THC/CBD work the best hand in hand if you are not experienced with THC be very careful, read the fine print, high THC could cause you to fail a drug test and give you a strong high. Don’t be afraid to ask the budtender or customer service representative and get things clear before taking it. My best advice would be to avoid THC and stay with CBD in a pure form. As always if your on any prescriptions check with your doctor.

Next, start small, use the least amount recommended stay with that for a month or so, then if you feel the need add a few more mg. It’s better to take 2 or 3 small doses a day than 1 large dose, when using CBD oil (especially flavored) add it to something you can swallow quickly, or blend into, at best CBD oil is a somewhat acquired taste.

For a daily supplement, I recommend gel caps they take longer to get into your system but the taste is not an issue. If you are planning a large meal take CBD  1/2 hour before you eat (especially if you’re eating a high-fat meal). CBD binds with fat, let it get digested and not stored or diluted in a full stomach.

The quickest way to get CBD into your system is vaping, it doesn’t have to be digested, CBD with a healthy diet shouldn’t be a big deal, recently CBD has been mixed in coffee, water, and various drinks,  try it like a daily vitamin stay consent and take notes, it works in the background and might not be noticed.

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