ELIXINOL product review


Today we will be going over ELIXINOL ‘S product line and companies profile.

Elixinol is an excellent CBD company, they are very particular about their sourcing and processing of their products.

Using only100% organic hemp, no GMO products no synthetic chemicals, and Supercritical CO2 extraction method.

The folks at ELIXINOL cover all the bases to ensure a pleasant experience with all your CBD needs although their product line seems comparatively small, it covers a huge range of needs and set’s standers in forward-thinking and development in this rapidly expanding market.

Let ‘s have a look.


35 products, ranging from hemp oil – capsule and tinctures, -skincare, -topical’s, -pet care, –WATER SOLUBLE CBD-Liposomes,- even protein powder- X-Pen oral applicator


The price range of EILXINOL’S products are a little below the industry norm, the quality is above. Some examples are-hemp oil capsules 450 mg- $44.99. Hemp moisturizer 1.7 oz -$49.99. Hemp balm 4.0 0z $29.99. WATER SOLUBLE CBD- 21 pack(mixed flavors)


The best place to buy is directly from the website or through blueplanetcbd.com they offer free shipping and a 5% donation to one of the many non-profit charity of your choice


water-soluble CBD

capsules are 60 counts, tinctures are 4 oz drops and 0.5 for Respira CBD Oil line, Hemp Oil Liposomes 1 0z (30ml) hemp balms 4 0z, hemp proteins powder 18 0z, hemp seeds 8 0z


customer satisfaction, on-site


YES, third party and then some, all products have batched numbers to keep a check and all products have an in-depth report on the products page


First-class, call for information on site.

MY RATING,   5 of 5

Check out the WATER SOLUBLE POWDER, a true game-changer in consumption of CBD

ADDED BONUS 5% of your total purchase will go to the non-prophet of your choice see site for more information,

Are you looking for top-shelf CBD from Elixinol  follow this link

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