Extraction methods of CBD

As CBD becomes more available and research moves forward, I am getting a lot of questions and concerns on the EXTRACTION  METHODS  OF CBD. In this article, I hope to clear the air and give a better understanding of. The good – bad -and ugly of the various processes.

First, off the extraction of oils, resins, terpenes have been going on for thousands of years, The art of extraction is a fun and sometimes very complicated process. I will start with one of the oldest and work up to today top styles.


Steam extraction has been used for century’s its basic and super inefficient, but it works, never the less, basically steam is run through the plant material, a container with an input, where the steam enters and an output where the infused steam and oil leave, freeing up the essential oils, its collected in a condenser tube in a form called hydrosol. Then the water is evaporated off leaving essential oils.

Unfortunate because different compounds release at different temperature’s lots of terpenes and valuable oils and compounds both water and oil-based are left out or destroyed.


Extraction with oils is probably the safest, but also the least efficient. Start with any cooking oil, olive, corn, and coconut will work, use low heat for an hour or so, add trimmings, flowers, clean whole plants, even cleaned washed roots in some cases.

Slow cook under low heat until plant matter starts to break down, at this point the oils in the plant and cooking oils are infused, let cool (as to not burn your hands) then strain with a clean cloth. Store in a cool, dry, dark spot., as your new oil is highly perishable, In colder climates the oil can get thick, almost like grease, not to worry a little heat will bring it back to a thin liquid, in tropical climates keep your eye on the oil going rancid, one of the drawback or oil extractions.

Try to keep your temperature low, around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, going to hot can damage the finished product and give it a nasty taste remember “low and slow ” helps evaporate the water-based compounds, and give a better infusion. This is one of the safest ways to go and gives a fairly thin but consistent product.


Solvent-based methods are probably the most used and can be the most dangerous, the solvents used are almost all very volatile, flammable and in the wrong hands explosive.

Butane, Ethanol, alcohol, seem to be the choice of preference

Before I go any farther I must state ” SOLVENT BASED EXTRACT IS DANGEROUS”.for this reason I won’t go into details of how to. (BHO) butane hash oil, AKA Blow Hand Off, should be done by professionals only, MANY good houses have been blown up by inexperienced BLASTERS.

Solvent-based extracts, done right is fairly inexpensive. The art of stripping the preferred compounds take time and experience. Whether you’re after CBD -THC-or terpenes, the process is basically the same, run your solvent of choice thru your material, it thins and strips the oils away from the plant, leaving the water-based compounds and other by-products in the container. The extracted oils and solvent are then separated, usually by evaporation and you’re left with concentrated oil….. Bi-products from your solvent are also left behind and this is where things get complicated, at best done in a lab with good testing equipment and someone who knows how to use it, you have a chance of good pure considerate. Other than that, not something I can recommend.



CO2 extraction is the benchmark and industry standard, its already been in use for years. Its environmentally friendly and safe, from dry cleaning to essential oils, its how they remove caffeine from coffee, and what puts the bubbles in your carbonated drinks. It leaves no residue and is a natural substance.

The process is expensive and starts by putting C02, hemp or cannabis in a chamber and lowering the temperature to approximately -68*F. The pressure is slowly raised to around 75 PSI. At this stage, the co2 is considered Supercritical not liquid or gas, in this state it can move thru the material like gas and extracts like a liquid.

At this point the extracts moves to a low-pressure chamber were the C02 separates, the CO2 move’s back into the chamber and the extracted oil are drained from the separator. The yield is very pure.

This process is costly but offers high yield and quality CBD that is food safe and very stable. I don’t recommend anything less than CO2 extraction at blueplanetcbd, but who knows what the future will bring.

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4 Replies to “Extraction methods of CBD”

  1. Is the mechanical method of CBD oil extraction? What is the cost implication against the efficiency of each method of extraction method?. CBD is now becoming a global product and the demand is becoming enormous. I am of the opinion that a new method of CBD oil extraction is in the pipeline, and as a chemical engineer am working towards a new cost-effective method of the CBD oil extraction.

    1. Hi Olalekan, thanks for the interest in CBD,and you are the perfect person for feed back as a chemical engineer i am sure you have a better understanding than most. The cost of extraction these days is mainly in the tooling and scaling of the machines, the purity is the goal, but a entry level C02 extraction system is about 40-60 thousand dollars U,S. closed loop butane about 10 thousand,and a small short path distillate will run 4-6 thousand.The process has a lot to do with the starting material hemp or cannabis,hemp having far less CBD .As research becomes more available in the U,S well see extractors being scaled to demand, or like you say new methods being developed ,check with the progress in Israel they are leading the charge with CBD .also please keep me posted with your thought and methods as you move forward, here in the U.S researchers hands are still somewhat tried by the F.D.A and D.E.A thanks again T.C

  2. I found this very information. It explains why the more expensive brands are priced that way.
    No one wants a product that may be polluted with solvents!
    I have watched a couple of youtube videos showing someone cooking the product down, with olive oil. It takes a lot of time and patience!
    I am glad I know which product to buy. Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi,thanks for the reply,yes its very important with CBD to know the method of extraction.Big difference in infused oil and pure 99+% isolates,with CBD its hard to separate from THC and other compounds, weather the source material is hemp or cannabis also makes a huge difference. when shopping for CBD note the amount of mg in the container that will drive the price the more mg , the more the cost and the less you need to take if you have any questions in the future let me know im glad to share with i know thanks again T.C

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