FDA And CBD whats going on ?

With so much focus on the legalities of CBD and so much amazing news in the field lately, its time to take a good look at what’s really going on with the FDA and CBD. In case, you haven’t heard the FDA just legalized CBD, GREAT NEWS, well not as great as it seems. The CBD that they legalized is a synthetic compound made in a lab. It goes by the name of “EPIDIOLEX” it’s a liquid form with 98% CBD and 0% THC, it’s been tested and approved for the use of two very rare forms of epilepsy named Lennox – Gastaut and Dravet syndrome. If you or someone you know has one of these syndromes, please contact your doctor, as it’s results have been quite outstanding.

The British company “GW” received approval to develop cannabis-based extracts in 1998. They also invented Sativex, a 50/50 CBD /THC spray, it is administered under the tongue and was approved in the U. K and 20 other countries for treating pain and easing multiple sclerosis.

The question is if the FDA approves synthetic CBD, then why are they still claiming organic CBD by there,” approved research” to not treat, cure, or prevent any disease? Organic CBD has been in use for thousands of years. Let’s dig a little deeper, as it turns out the FDA’s hands are somewhat tied.

The DEA’s decision to reschedule this FDA approved CBD was influenced by the. (HHS) U. S DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. The FDA concluded that CBD and its salts “could be removed from control” because-

There is little indication that CBD has abuse potential or presents a significant risk to public health.

No evidence for a classic drug withdrawals syndrome for CBD, and no evidence that CBD causes physical or psychic dependence.

CBD does not appear to have abuse potential under the CSA.

There is no signal for the development of substance use disorder in individuals consuming CBD-containing products.

It is unlikely that CBD would act as an immediate precursor to THC for abuse purposes.

SOUNDS GOOD, but when the FDA shared this conclusion with the DEA, the DEA advised them that removing CBD from the CSA would violate international drug treaties, to which the U.S is a signatory. The DEA explained that the U. S would “not be able to keep obligations under the 1961 SINGLE CONVENTION ON NARCOTIC DRUGS.

The FDA revised its recommendation and advised the DEA to place CBD in a schedule V category, which applies to drugs with demonstrated medical value and deemed unlikely to cause harm, abuse or addiction.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION recommended to the UNITED NATIONS COMMISSION ON NARCOTIC DRUGS, that pure CBD should not be under any international drug treaty. But the DEA can just ignore the FDA and all the scientific data of the therapeutic value of CBD.

So, after all, is said and done, what does this mean to CBD community? Well at best CBD has been acknowledged as a useful product by the FDA. Something we all have known since cave men. Other than creating a NEW synthetic form, the DEA and the FDA are sorting out how they’re going to let things play out, both have a point but seem to head in opposite directions, and in the meantime, the rest of the world is actively using, prescribing and helping people in need. I’m sure once the smoke has cleared and the DEA and FDA find balance things here in the U. S will even out.

For years now you can buy 99+% pure CBD online. Without a prescription, along with a whole line of pure CBD products. With 0% THC from its organic form, nothing new here.

A brief footnote on EPIDIOLEX it is reported to cost approximately $32,000 a year or about $100.00 a day…

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  1. Hi there!

    Really good post on what is happening with the US government and CBD. I never thought that it would violate international drug treaties. So I’m assuming that all these other countries where CBD has been legalized did not sign any of these drug treaties. Lucky them. 

    So then as far as the US goes this is going to probably fall on the states to do it. That would seem like the logical conclusion.

    That’s a shame. But there’s an even bigger shame that this was made illegal, to begin with,. 

    Thanks for sharing. This is good to know!

    1. Hi Tina, thanks for your comment and interest in CBD, Paper work and regulations for most things here in the U.S often side tracks the main purpose. CBD has had a uphill battle from the start, but with the new synthetic form being recognized as useful it finally has its foot in the door. The future looks good for those in need of this amazing compound.                                                                                                                                        

       Thanks again T,C

  2. Thanks for the update on CBD products and where we stand in regard to FDA approval. It is hard to think that the synthetic form will be approved and made available while the natural form of it will be denied approval. Would this product not be better for people to use for pain management than all the narcotic addiction, overdose, and dependence. Let’s keep writing and posting hoping that more meaningful research will be carried out and some regulations put in place to make this safe and available to those that need it.

    1. Hi, GinaO, yes things move in curious ways when dealing with approval for just about anything these days, but a step forward is a good thing,we waited for a long time for CBD to be recognized as useful. In time everyone will realize the benefits of CBD and it will become common place.                                                                                    
      Thanks for the input ,T,C

  3. I have been hearing about CBD oil non-stop, not only on the internet, but it seems like every store I pass has a big sign “CBD OIL HERE!” wanting people to come in and buy it.  It can be confusing trying to figure it all out and what it is all about, so wow, I  was really thrilled to find your website which seems to be all things CBD, and your explanation of the DEA and FDA determinations in this article were interesting and informative!

    1. Hello, thanks for your comments, yes CBD is finally making its way to the mainstream,soon it should be recognized for the wonderful compound it is.Sure its not for everyone but can be a great help for those in need. Hopefully when the paper work get sorted we will be able to do the research here in the U.S.                                  
      Thanks again T.C                                                    

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