HEALTH benefits of CBD for dogs

As the world becomes more informed with CBD and their non-addicting benefits, the market is expanding in multiple directions, one of the most interesting is the effect and response of CBD in animals of all kinds, today I will focus on the HEALTH BENEFITS OF CBD FOR DOGS.

Dogs like people have an E.C.S. (endocannabinoid system) they have the cb1 and cb2 receptors that balance out and control their well-beingCBD works hand in hand opening, closing and shading how these receptors work and are continuously adjusting the flow of our system.

CBD can be purchased with 0% THC, this is important to know as the stereotype of cannabis and THC will take a while to overcome. You don’t have to worry about your pet being “stoned” or lethargic, some products offer a full spectrum option, other use a CBD isolate, read the contents and if you have any concerns or your dog is on any prescriptions be sure to get your vet’s approval.

From puppies to full-grown adults we watch and enjoy the things our furry friends do on a daily basis, we learn their traits and they learn ours and not to discredit all other pets but the saying ‘MAN BEST FRIEND’ truly goes to our dogs, they seem to know how we feel, and have a unique way of easing our pain or enlightening our joy.

Like all living creatures including our self, our pets run the gambit of health issues, pain, stress, age, fatigue, internal and external, mental and physical. They have to deal with climate, location, hormones the same way we do, it’s not always easy.

One of the main concerns for dogs especially small ones is anxiety, they seem to be wired a little different, strains like terriers and healers have a built-in response that is hard to curb, large dogs that have been trained to protect, whether it’s their owner or the farm have a hard time relaxing,

Our pets are affected by several things we might not even consider, crowds, other dogs, loud noise(fireworks) sirens, being left alone indoor or out, and so on, It might not be a stressful situation but it makes it hard to settle down.

This a good starting place for the use of CBD, not all pets need daily CBD but when you see an upcoming event like (the 4 of July), a small dose of CBD tincture or a CBD dog treat can definitely take the edge off.

Arthritis Pain, as dogs get older arthritis slowly sneaks in, for some strains it’s a well know fact, German shepherds and large labs have problems with their hips as they get older. As joint tissue breaks down swelling starts to occur this leads to stiff joints and swollen muscles as they try to compensate, it turns into less movement and less blood flow in that area.

Helps Seizure, although not as common, but way more common than you would think 5% of dogs experience seizures, lets face it, its scary for us and more so for pups, if your dog has a treatable version you’re vet can prescribe phenobarbital and potassium bromide, it has shown to work on occasion with seizures, but reeks havoc on the liver and digestive tract.

Not all form of seizures are treatable, but CBD has been shown to work well in drug-resistant epilepsy., studies have shown that a majority of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy saw a high level of improvement within 4 months of daily CBD in their diets.

Fights cancer, studies show that CBD can stop the growth of cancer cells, and aid in the tumor cell death, by slowing the growth rate. It can help increase the efficacy of cancer treatments and helps the medicines stay in our system longer.

General pain, The research of CBD and pain are advancing at an unbelievable pace to the point that modern medicine is considering it a new class of pain relief medicine. CBD has an anti-inflammation property which aids in the reduction of swelling and has shown great benefits of nerve-related pain.

CBD Increases Appetite, this is a great help to older dogs or new pups that just can’t get used to solid foods. Adding a drop of CBD oil to their food or a dog treat before a meal helps them stay interested and clean their bowl.

HEART HEALTH, For active and older dogs who might be slowing down CBD, can lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate, it helps to protect blood vessels from damage and aids in dilating the arteries

Sleep, CBD has been a great source of improving sleep patterns especially in dogs with sleep dementia, If you plan to take your dog on a road trip or a flight, start a few days before your travel and use CBD hemp oil or dog treats to acclimate them to the feeling of being relaxed and not so stressed in a highly stressful situation.

Dosage, as you become familiar with CBD you will understand the various products and their strengths, this is easy when you understand that CBD is sold in total milligrams per container, the higher the amount of CBD the higher the cost, the more CBD in the container, its far less difficult to administer a small dose of CBD when the content as a lower amount of CBD.

A good starting point for dogs is 0.25 mg per pound this is a mild dose.

For a strong dose use as much as 0.5 mg per pound.

Like most dog products things break down into, small- medium -large, same with CBD.

Small dogs under 20 LBS, recommended CBD 150 mg.per container.

Medium dogs 20-60 LBS, recommended CBD 300 mg per container.

Large dogs over 60 LBS , recommended CBD 600 mg per container.

Be sure to read the instructions and be clear of the recommended doses. These forms are usually a Tincher,  gel caps or sprays and are mainly used for a daily routine and feeding schedule, most are administered twice a day totaling the daily recommended dose.

Also, for an easy dose for picky eaters, or an “on the go schedule” the use of CBD DOG TREATS has become very popular there convenient, and accurate.

If you are looking to purchase high-quality CBD for your dog follow this link.

If you have questions or comments, please leave below thanks for stopping by… T.C


8 Replies to “HEALTH benefits of CBD for dogs”

  1. I have heard a lot of people benefit from CBD oil to help them sleep well, feel relaxed and cure pain, etc., but I didn’t know dogs also use CBD oil. Yes, it makes sense as you mentioned when dogs get older, they will have joint pains and other health problems just like humans. Is it legal to buy CBD oil in all US states?

    Thank you for your informative article. I will let my friends who have dogs read it.

    1. Hi Mary, yes CBD is legal in all 50 states, sold as a states, without a medical cannabis program,  your max THC content will be 0,3%. in legal states, you can get CBD in an unlimited array of combinations, dogs like people don’t like sore muscles or pain, but what are we to do …..? thanks for the reply T, C

  2. Fourth of July is just a few months away as I write this, and it’s a nightmare every single year because of my poor dog and the fireworks.  We’d resorted to escaping up into the mountains for the week, and even that’s not a guarantee she won’t be scared out of her wits by explosions.  I’d be interested in trying some CBD oil for her to see if that helps calm her down, even a little.  The other health benefits of CBD for dogs were interesting too – especially arthritis.  She’s getting older and I can see her starting to wince a bit if I go to pick her up too quickly.  Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out.

    1. Hi Don, thanks for the reply to my post, oh boy do I know the feeling of a bolting dog running from sound truly scary where I live sometimes they run so deep they get lost and as they get older they just get stressed out I would start a week or so with small doses of CBD, or CBD dog treats. then right after dinner a good strong dose, or CBD,  a quiet place perhaps with the radio going to distract from the deep percussion sound and plenty of water around.

      I think you will be amazed at the response and how fast the arthritis pain will ease with CBD. I would start with a full spectrum oil morning and night applied in her food, not to worry you can not overdose on CBD if you over apply they just eliminate what they don’t use, wasting your hard earned money, good luck and give her an extra treat for me… thanks again, T.C

  3. Hi T.C. I just wanted to say that I genuinely found this to be a very interesting post! After reading a post or two (perhaps last week) which informed me about the endocannabinoid system in humans and the benefits of CBD and of THC, to learn just how similar all of these are in dogs was quite intriguing.

    I am not a dog owner myself, but have had one before as a household pet (I believe a German Shepherd), and may soon get one. I do however I have friends and family with dogs so it’s possible that I will share this with them sometime.

    May I ask, do you know if other animals have endocannabinoid systems and CB detectors which play a role in health and may be used in the treatment and prevention of illness?

    Thank you for sharing,


    1. Hi James, thanks for taking the time to view my post, and I hope as soon as the time is right you get a dog, I could not imagine living without one or two, I live fairly remote and they protect my family and garden and trees, truly family members.

      As strange as it seems all animals have an ECS and since the greening of America, the researchers are finally  getting a good chance to learn more about it. Most of the cutting edge research is coming out of Israel as their rules and regulations are a little more forward thinking toward cannabis/hemp.thanks again T.C

      1. That’s fascinating! I didn’t expect that many animals do (as a percentage, at least). Upon further research I found that the sea-squirts does!

        Hopefully America and other countries will follow in Israel’s footsteps towards cannabis/hemp research soon.

        1. Great find James imagine how hard it is for a sea squirt to get cannabinoids!! As this market levels out and more research share the future looks good thanks for the input T.C

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