Hemp Oil VS CBD

So, you’re researching CBD, check out the pro’s and con’s, by now things are starting to make sense but everywhere you look you see hemp oil and CBD hand in hand what’s the difference?  Good question and yes, the marketing gets quite confusing, let’s go over it, hemp oil vs CBD, the easy way.
I will start with hemp oil, it’s less complected and should answer a lot of the questions in the differences between the two.


First and foremost hemp oil is made from pressing the SEEDS of hemp plants, the seeds have no THC except possibly residual left from the harvest, this is cleaned as the seeds are decontaminated before processing, up to 99% pure. Hemp itself is very low in THC and CBD especially the industrial strains.

It is an unbelievably versatile plant used for not just oil but cosmetics, soaps, textiles, rope, paint, plastic, and fuel (biodiesel), with the passing of the hemp farm act of 2018, hemp’s future is on the verge mass growth and a start to a new economy.

Most hemp oil is sold as a supplement, its fatty acids omega 3 and 6 are good for skin care and can help lower cholesterol, it contains vitamin E, B1, B2, potassium, and magnesium. Hemp oil very low in CBD less than 3%, make sure when using it to read the labels carefully, some company’s add trace amounts of THC to their products, if you’re after “THC free” make sure that it is stated on the label.


CBD oil, tinctures, isolates, vapes would be considered medicine. Their extraction methods are usually solvent based, all the plant is processed, the leaf and flowers hold the most oil and terpenes, solvents like alcohol, butane, co2 and heat press are the most common, once extracted the solvents are driven off leaving concentrated CBD oil.

This is where things get complicated. A chemist with a high concentrated CBD oil can craft it into a seemingly unlimited source of products, it can be taken all the way down to a CBD isolate 99.99% pure, added to vegetable oils, put in sugars, butter, teas, coffee and quite frankly anything, it can be mixed to any ratio and strength.

The next level draws a line in the sand because hemp and cannabis are from the same family. With the discovery of high CBD cannabis strains, breeders worldwide are making high CBD strains which can hold as much as 20% CBD with low THC, but the THC is still too high to be legal in most states, the THC is what gets you”high” and fail a drug test. Like hemp, the CBD can be extracted to 0% THC.

Now things can get REAL tricky, with the greening of the U. S some states have medical marijuana programs or even a recreational use law. These states let you buy over the counter ( if your 21+) products with insanely high CBD/THC contents So here’s where I give you the BUYER BEWARE clause, if you are not experienced with TCH or run the risk of being drug tested, make sure your CBD is tested and labeled “THC free.”  or  0% THC.

Although CBD can be purchased in all 50 states, with a max THC content of .3%.  Read the label,  understand the content, ask as many questions as it takes if in doubt go with ZERO % THC.

In legal states take extra care!

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