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Medical research is a strange and often misunderstood subject and for good reasons, what’s considered to be illegal in one place may not be in another, that’s the line cannabis / CBD rides.

In 1937 cannabis and hemp were made illegal in the U.S by the marijuana tax act putting it in a schedule 1 category. This made it hard for any medical research of CBD, funding, labs work, even obtaining good quality samples was iffy at best. With the isolation of CBD, things have become less restrictive because cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, giving researchers a broader range of scope. Thankfully, most medical community’s shares their discoveries.    This is where the small nation of Israel comes in.

 Israel is the leading player in the research and development of medical cannabis.

In the early 1960s, Dr. Raphael Mechoulani identified CBD after studying a piece of hash he got from the local police. Soon after he isolated THC, the compound that gets you high. He then convinced the country’s minister of health to establish a medical cannabis program. In 1992 the program was approved.
One of the largest medical cannabis companies in Israel is “Tikun Olam” they have been working under license from the government for over a decade and is said to have the worlds largest database for cannabis patients.

In the U.S  the food and drug administration is responsible for approving new drugs, but the marijuana provided by the DEA and NIDA  was of such poor quality it failed the FDA requirements and was deemed unusable for testing of drug research, this set a huge obstruction in the progress of cannabis research.

Also was the task of accurate administration. Vape, smoked, taken orally or whole plant extract.

The lack of precise dosage is a huge concern in any drug industry.

Israel is by far the most progressive place in the world for medical marijuana and recently, their health administration allowed distribution thru pharmacies. Research is being conducted from pre-clinic thru all phases of clinical trials, at leading FDA approved hospitals. Most research and treatment is being done with whole plant extract, these are a bit lax for modern pharmacology, which needs an exact delivery system. This can be achieved by extracting the ingredients,  then reintroducing them in a very controlled platform, all this helps to maintain the FDA standard of 99% purity levels, from here it can be delivered in gel caps, tablets, and various forms.

Israels companies are pioneering these delivery systems and targeting a wide range of medical conditions. They are inviting researchers from around the world to come and do research in their state-of-the-art facilities, sharing their extensive data and network of information. Hopefully providing the U.S researchers a bridge of concept to an FDA approved a marked drug.

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