HEALTH benefits of CBD for dogs

As the world becomes more informed with CBD and their non-addicting benefits, the market is expanding in multiple directions, one of the most interesting is the effect and response of CBD in animals of all kinds, today I will focus on the HEALTH BENEFITS OF CBD FOR DOGS.

Dogs like people have an E.C.S. (endocannabinoid system) they have the cb1 and cb2 receptors that balance out and control their well-beingCBD works hand in hand opening, closing and shading how these receptors work and are continuously adjusting the flow of our system.

CBD can be purchased with 0% THC, this is important to know as the stereotype of cannabis and THC will take a while to overcome. You don’t have to worry about your pet being “stoned” or lethargic, some products offer a full spectrum option, other use a CBD isolate, read the contents and if you have any concerns or your dog is on any prescriptions be sure to get your vet’s approval.

From puppies to full-grown adults we watch and enjoy the things our furry friends do on a daily basis, we learn their traits and they learn ours and not to discredit all other pets but the saying ‘MAN BEST FRIEND’ truly goes to our dogs, they seem to know how we feel, and have a unique way of easing our pain or enlightening our joy.

Like all living creatures including our self, our pets run the gambit of health issues, pain, stress, age, fatigue, internal and external, mental and physical. They have to deal with climate, location, hormones the same way we do, it’s not always easy.

One of the main concerns for dogs especially small ones is anxiety, they seem to be wired a little different, strains like terriers and healers have a built-in response that is hard to curb, large dogs that have been trained to protect, whether it’s their owner or the farm have a hard time relaxing,

Our pets are affected by several things we might not even consider, crowds, other dogs, loud noise(fireworks) sirens, being left alone indoor or out, and so on, It might not be a stressful situation but it makes it hard to settle down.

This a good starting place for the use of CBD, not all pets need daily CBD but when you see an upcoming event like (the 4 of July), a small dose of CBD tincture or a CBD dog treat can definitely take the edge off.

Arthritis Pain, as dogs get older arthritis slowly sneaks in, for some strains it’s a well know fact, German shepherds and large labs have problems with their hips as they get older. As joint tissue breaks down swelling starts to occur this leads to stiff joints and swollen muscles as they try to compensate, it turns into less movement and less blood flow in that area.

Helps Seizure, although not as common, but way more common than you would think 5% of dogs experience seizures, lets face it, its scary for us and more so for pups, if your dog has a treatable version you’re vet can prescribe phenobarbital and potassium bromide, it has shown to work on occasion with seizures, but reeks havoc on the liver and digestive tract.

Not all form of seizures are treatable, but CBD has been shown to work well in drug-resistant epilepsy., studies have shown that a majority of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy saw a high level of improvement within 4 months of daily CBD in their diets.

Fights cancer, studies show that CBD can stop the growth of cancer cells, and aid in the tumor cell death, by slowing the growth rate. It can help increase the efficacy of cancer treatments and helps the medicines stay in our system longer.

General pain, The research of CBD and pain are advancing at an unbelievable pace to the point that modern medicine is considering it a new class of pain relief medicine. CBD has an anti-inflammation property which aids in the reduction of swelling and has shown great benefits of nerve-related pain.

CBD Increases Appetite, this is a great help to older dogs or new pups that just can’t get used to solid foods. Adding a drop of CBD oil to their food or a dog treat before a meal helps them stay interested and clean their bowl.

HEART HEALTH, For active and older dogs who might be slowing down CBD, can lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate, it helps to protect blood vessels from damage and aids in dilating the arteries

Sleep, CBD has been a great source of improving sleep patterns especially in dogs with sleep dementia, If you plan to take your dog on a road trip or a flight, start a few days before your travel and use CBD hemp oil or dog treats to acclimate them to the feeling of being relaxed and not so stressed in a highly stressful situation.

Dosage, as you become familiar with CBD you will understand the various products and their strengths, this is easy when you understand that CBD is sold in total milligrams per container, the higher the amount of CBD the higher the cost, the more CBD in the container, its far less difficult to administer a small dose of CBD when the content as a lower amount of CBD.

A good starting point for dogs is 0.25 mg per pound this is a mild dose.

For a strong dose use as much as 0.5 mg per pound.

Like most dog products things break down into, small- medium -large, same with CBD.

Small dogs under 20 LBS, recommended CBD 150 mg.per container.

Medium dogs 20-60 LBS, recommended CBD 300 mg per container.

Large dogs over 60 LBS , recommended CBD 600 mg per container.

Be sure to read the instructions and be clear of the recommended doses. These forms are usually a Tincher,  gel caps or sprays and are mainly used for a daily routine and feeding schedule, most are administered twice a day totaling the daily recommended dose.

Also, for an easy dose for picky eaters, or an “on the go schedule” the use of CBD DOG TREATS has become very popular there convenient, and accurate.

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CBD isolate vs full spectrum

As CBD starts to be more recognized as a useful supplement, the folks in the labs are getting a little more leeway on testing and breaking down the sources ( hemp and cannabis) to isolate’s and combining its contents into a wide variety of wonderful compounds. Special needs and certain restrictions are being researched, and progress is taking place at a rapid pace.

As people shop and see all the options a common question comes up about CBD ISOLATE VS. FULL SPECTRUM  CBD oils and products it might sound confusing and being put on the spot it can be. lets clear things up so you can have a total understanding of the products and content you are considering to purchase.

CBD isolates,

With over 400 chemical entities in cannabis/ Hemp, at least 60 are to be considered “cannaboids”.the chemists have their hands full extracting and compounding the seamlessly endless array of variations of this wonderful plant.Of all the compounds so far the two most popular are THC and CBD. Natures plan is perfect, but humans seem a need to put a spin on just about everything, This is where CBD isolate comes in.

After the researchers discovered the benefits of CBD they found ways to isolate the single element, the process is not difficult and with the right equipment can be done very safely and accurate.

At this point you can purchase pure CBD isolates with 99.5% purity, it comes in powder or Crystal forms and is super effective, works quickly can be applied to anything, from adding it to juice, tea or coffee to vaping the crystals. Isolates are a suburb form of CBD, no oils, flavors or the unpleasant application process.

The main positive in my opinion is the fact it is free of THC, 0% no trace amounts, so you can have the benefits of CBD and not have to worry about any THC in your system, a pure, isolated compound, with no other ingredients it gives you the option to use it how and where you chose,


As I mention with over 400 elements in cannabis/ hemp. Natures perfect plan, it makes sense to stick with the plan, full spectrum CBD is made with ALL the plant’s entities often referred to as “whole plant CBD”. Some call it the entourage effect meaning all the parts work together to archive its natural propose.

Full spectrum CBD has a lot going on, lets start with the basic form (available in all 50 States) this is sold as a supplement it contains all compounds including CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), This is where things get tricky, to be legal the maximum percent of THC is .3%. Yes, it’s a trace amount but it’s still a readable content. That being said it’s not enough to get a TCH ” high” but if taken in large dose it could put you over the threshold to fail a drug test, something to consider if you ever could be tested.

Next, and this is for those of you in legal states or places that have a medical marijuana program’s, you have the ability to buy FULL SPECTRUM oils, sprays, drops, soda, vapes and so on in custom ratios or as nature wanted it with each various strains, most of these are extracted from local cannabis and can be UNBELIEVABLY strong. If you are new to CBD or TCH.– TAKE THIS AS A HEADS UP– looking at the ingredients on the package can get overwhelmingly scientific, do not be intimated,ask as many questions as it takes to make sure you have FULL understanding of the products you purchase, you will find there are many similar products with various strengths and percentages of CBD/TCH some are low in THC and super high in CBD and have been scientifically blended, I have seen CBD posted as high a 64%. Just make sure you have a full understanding of content, if you are new to THC, Start low and work your way to a reasonable benchmark otherwise you might have an unpleasant experience, the best advice start with 0% THC.

So in conclusion, we have the ability to isolate the CBD compound from the plant and produce pure CBD.

Or we can use whole plant extract and manipulate its contents to just about any ratio or combination, allowing you to experiment and really dial in your personal benchmark, from there you will be able to adjust your dose as necessary, for sleep, pain relief, anxiety, etc.

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SIDE effects of CBD

As more people get familiar with CBD, and all the hype and information comes into a clear view, we realize everyone s personal intake, dosage and reasons for consumption vary greatly, I have been getting a lot of questions about the SIDE EFFECTS OF CBD. This is a fair concern, especially for those who are new to supplements, the good news for CBD is that the side effects are far and few, I will go over the most common, assuming you are NOT on any other medication.

Its important to note each and every case is unique and any side effects or effects, in general, are a personal experience CBD is a compound that is taken in various doses, as little as 15mg and as much as 1500mg daily have been studied, so Let’s be far and realize that until you have found your personal benchmark you could experience different results. To be safe and accurate the best way to start with CBD is, START WITH A LOW DOSE. Gradually increase your intake until you find your personal benchmark. In medical terms, doctors call this “Titration”. Most side effects are associated with high dose’s.

The most common side effects are,

Fatigue– people with high-stress levels tend to relax past a point of their personal normal and sometimes feel tired and spent, this usually changes as they get accustomed to CBD and their daily doses.

Dry mouth– The receptors under your tongue, which have the job of making saliva are sometimes affected, CBD can sometimes tell them to slow production of saliva, people may experience dry mouth, not a health concern, but makes you drink more water, which is itself not necessarily a bad thing.

Lightheadedness– With a high dosage of CBD often blood pressure can drop if this is the case a cup of tea or coffee tends to balance things out quickly.

Low blood pressure– If you take a higher dose of CBD you could experience a drop in blood pressure, this is very short-lived but if you are on ANY blood regulating medicines consult your doctor before you take CBD or any other supplements

Drowsiness-Most of these side effects are associated with a high dose of CBD this is a good heads up that if you take CBD and feel tired or drowsy, scale back on milligram intake. When taken in proper levels CBD usually gives you uplift and an alert feeling, also new studies show o day or night usage change the way your body deals with CBD, for sleeping taking CBD at night or as you wind your day down, and start to relax the drowsiness is welcome.

Appetite changes- In some cases, CBD can tell your body when it’s full and to slow down or stop consuming this has to do with your endocannabinoid system, and you cb1 and cb2 receptors. Often used in dieting with CBD.

Diarrhea– Most often associated with the use of the oils used with CBD usually hemp oil, being that most CBD is extracted from hemp when eaten and digested in your stomach a fair amount oil is released quickly.

So most side effects are caused by HIGH doses of CBD, it can affect how your liver processes various drugs and it can stop the activity of some enzymes found in the liver, this is why I stated before all this information is for people who are NOT on any prescription drugs.

If you are on ANY perceptions not to worry you can still enjoy all the benefits of CBD, just be sure to contact your doctor, they can balance your prescriptions and give you a good starting point, plus they can very accurately monitor your progress and keep you on an even keel.

If you are looking to purchase top quality CBD follows this link

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ELIXINOL product review


Today we will be going over ELIXINOL ‘S product line and companies profile.

Elixinol is an excellent CBD company, they are very particular about their sourcing and processing of their products.

Using only100% organic hemp, no GMO products no synthetic chemicals, and Supercritical CO2 extraction method.

The folks at ELIXINOL cover all the bases to ensure a pleasant experience with all your CBD needs although their product line seems comparatively small, it covers a huge range of needs and set’s standers in forward-thinking and development in this rapidly expanding market.

Let ‘s have a look.


35 products, ranging from hemp oil – capsule and tinctures, -skincare, -topical’s, -pet care, –WATER SOLUBLE CBD-Liposomes,- even protein powder- X-Pen oral applicator


The price range of EILXINOL’S products are a little below the industry norm, the quality is above. Some examples are-hemp oil capsules 450 mg- $44.99. Hemp moisturizer 1.7 oz -$49.99. Hemp balm 4.0 0z $29.99. WATER SOLUBLE CBD- 21 pack(mixed flavors)


The best place to buy is directly from the website or through they offer free shipping and a 5% donation to one of the many non-profit charity of your choice


water-soluble CBD

capsules are 60 counts, tinctures are 4 oz drops and 0.5 for Respira CBD Oil line, Hemp Oil Liposomes 1 0z (30ml) hemp balms 4 0z, hemp proteins powder 18 0z, hemp seeds 8 0z


customer satisfaction, on-site


YES, third party and then some, all products have batched numbers to keep a check and all products have an in-depth report on the products page


First-class, call for information on site.

MY RATING,   5 of 5

Check out the WATER SOLUBLE POWDER, a true game-changer in consumption of CBD

ADDED BONUS 5% of your total purchase will go to the non-prophet of your choice see site for more information,

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WATER soluble CBD a step forward

With all the hype and claims, pro’s and con’s, applications, extractions, laws and so on the researchers of CBD have not lost focus and have been hard at work to develop new and exciting ways to deliver this wonderful compound. (insert drum roll here)…We welcome, WATER SOLUBLE CBD. Yes, it is finally here, powder and liquid forms of concentrated CBD. That can be added to water, juice, tea, coffee, and well..just about everything. This is a big deal in the world of CBD. Why do you ask?

Now you can enjoy pure CBD at various concentrates without the thick oil taste, concentrated flavors, the vape pens or any other form of application you may not like. The science of water-soluble CBD has a few different methods, but in all its forms, it is by far the most efficient. Most oil-based CBD is absorbed in about 10-14%, of total intake, they work well and take 20 to 30 minutes to take effect. (vaping is the exception as it is inhaled and take effects immediately).

With water-soluble CBD 90 to 100% of the full spectrum, CBD will be processed and at a faster rate of absorption. Because of this, you can take less CBD to achieve your benchmark, looks like a win-win situation. The reason for this high absorption rate is the process of breaking down and encapsulating the CBD molecules in a water base cell.

The lab term is “microencapsulation” or “nanotechnology.”, it can be done with solvents and chemicals and there are various versions of the process. In some circles, it is a heavily guarded patent, but others break it down in layman s terms so you know what you are getting, and have an understanding of how it works. The most upfront technique is encasing the CBD in an all-natural molecule of curcumin. Curcumin is a compound in turmeric, a
flowering plant of the ginger family which in itself has many scientifically-proven health benefits.

The process of encasing an oil-based CBD molecule into a natural curcumin compound and creating a hybrid molecule is a thing that sounds very futurist. And it takes trained chemist in a professional lab. This is not a do- it yourself home project. The final product is a water-soluble powder.

Being that our bodies are up to 60% water and our blood is approximately 55% water, breaking down CBD molecules to a water-soluble form is just the next step. The benefits of CBD have reached a new platform of consumption, although a relatively new process it seems to be a game-changer.

Various companies are looking at this technology not only with CBD but are considering using full spectrum cannabis with all the terpenes and THC. A lofty goal aimed at the alcohol market, drinking water-soluble cannabis, it is definitely in the near future,(but that is another subject, I will keep you posted)

As soon as you drink a water-soluble supplement it is immediately absorbed starting, with mucous membranes of the mouth and the receptors under your tongue (sub-lingual), thru the esophagus into the stomach lining and into our bloodstream, it does not have to be digested like CBD oil in the digestive tract and liver to be processed. The sooner it gets to your CB1 and CB2 receptors the sooner it takes effect.

Because of this rapid rate of absorption and unbelievable overall intake you have a far better idea of how to use your CBD and how it is being processed, this gives you a more accurate dose and far less wasted CBD as it’s not getting flushed through your system.

The idea of having a small packet of powdered CBD in your purse or pocket and being able to add it to whatever you chose is the future of CBD. Taking it one step further are tailored amounts of CBD packets for various times of day, start off the morning with a high dose, at lunch a little less, after dinner a mild dose for a comfortable nights sleep

As you get more familiar with your specific needs you will be able to adjust your dose on a daily or monthly basis, having the ability to understand how much and how fast your CBD is being processed will save you time and money, and also give you the confidence to really understand your body and moods.

As always if you take ANY prescription medicine contact your doctor and get their option on adding CBD to your daily schedule, CBD can shade or even block your receptors and might change how your prescription work.

If you are looking to purchase top-shelf WATER SOLUBLE CBD follow this link

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CBD WATER a major breakthrough

Well, it was just a matter of time, with CBD being added to just about everything, and the benefits coming to light the researchers are blazing the trails to find better ways to administer this wonderful compound. Today I will be talking about CBD WATER,  how can this be possible? CBD an oil-based compound mixed with water?… In these times I have learned to never underestimate the folks in the lab coats, and this technology is the stuff of fiction coming to life.

Quantum physics, yes, as I said, never underestimate a real chemist in a quality lab. Nanotechnology is the process of shrinking down a CBD compound to one millionth its normal size, called a nanoparticle. Although not technically infused, but small enough to be embedded in water clusters that are easily absorbed in your system.

Sounds good, well therein lies a topic of controversy, Nanotechnology is still a field that itself is being researched Nanoparticles can bypass the body’s protective barriers and are something our bodies are not familiar with. Researchers are concerned with how our bodies react to these tiny particles, and how they are being stored or processed.

One word you are going to hear lots with CBD water is BIOAVAILABILITY. Sounds impressive but it has been used in medicine for years, bioavailability is simply how much and how fast anything your ingests, alcohol, THC, CBD, or orange juice actually gets to your bloodstream and is used by your body. A very small percent of most things you consume actually gets used.

It is important to note that with low-grade CBD weather, oils, gummies or gel caps up to 90% is flushed or not absorbed, that’s why it’s very important to know your source, read the third party lab test ( meaning the testing lab is not in the house). Ask question’s to the companies you buy from, these products are not cheap, it’s your hard-earned money. Make sure you get the best products for your money. With the CBD boom, there are LOTS of shady products out there. BEWARE. Here at blueplanetcbd .com, we do our best to screen anyone we recommend with so many companies coming online most don’t pass, so check out our review section for recommended sources.

What are good reason’s to consider CBD water? .First off is the taste, CBD water is p.h balanced at around 7.4 -9.0 it tastes like pure water and the p.h helps the absorption rate. Add lemon or lime for essence.

For those of you that use CBD oil, the flavors and textures are somewhat of a challenge, thick oils or high concentrated flavors take some time to get accustomed to, if ever, I myself use the old wheatgrass cover-up method and chase it with a slice of orange or citrus of some kind to at least cleanse the pallet.

Next CBD water, as refined as it is, should be THC free-0% THC so you won’t get high or run the risk of a failed drug test, but be sure to read the label carefully, as most companies have different processes.

Next is the amount of absorption, with CBD water over 90% + is used and disturbed at a fairly rapid rate, this is a great thing for athletes and health aficionados for rapid recovery, and pain relief, but all this comes at a price, a pretty hefty one at that. The average price of a 500 ml bottle with 4mg of CBD is approximately $10.00. In house and shipping could go to $ 15.00+, something to think about before you pour it on your head to cool down after that marathon or hard work out…..!

That being said, a huge benefit of CBD water is because it of its 90%+ absorption rate, you don’t have to take as much as you would with oils, vapes other methods, some people are adding it to plain bottled water and thinning it out for their daily work out or simple daily regime.

Dosage with CBD water, these are a basic suggestion, if you use CBD as a daily health supplement 10-30 mg a day is a good starting point.

If you are using for an ailment, pain, anxiety, weight loss, etc 2 -10 mg per kilo of body weight ( 100 lb persons =  approx. 500 mg CBD water) these are general starting points and as you get more familiar with this delivery style you should easily find your personal benchmark in a few weeks.

As always if you are on ANY prescription drugs, Please contact your doctor and go over your thoughts and concerns, CBD can block, and regulate different drugs in your system, not something to take lightly.

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Extraction methods of CBD

As CBD becomes more available and research moves forward, I am getting a lot of questions and concerns on the EXTRACTION  METHODS  OF CBD. In this article, I hope to clear the air and give a better understanding of. The good – bad -and ugly of the various processes.

First, off the extraction of oils, resins, terpenes have been going on for thousands of years, The art of extraction is a fun and sometimes very complicated process. I will start with one of the oldest and work up to today top styles.


Steam extraction has been used for century’s its basic and super inefficient, but it works, never the less, basically steam is run through the plant material, a container with an input, where the steam enters and an output where the infused steam and oil leave, freeing up the essential oils, its collected in a condenser tube in a form called hydrosol. Then the water is evaporated off leaving essential oils.

Unfortunate because different compounds release at different temperature’s lots of terpenes and valuable oils and compounds both water and oil-based are left out or destroyed.


Extraction with oils is probably the safest, but also the least efficient. Start with any cooking oil, olive, corn, and coconut will work, use low heat for an hour or so, add trimmings, flowers, clean whole plants, even cleaned washed roots in some cases.

Slow cook under low heat until plant matter starts to break down, at this point the oils in the plant and cooking oils are infused, let cool (as to not burn your hands) then strain with a clean cloth. Store in a cool, dry, dark spot., as your new oil is highly perishable, In colder climates the oil can get thick, almost like grease, not to worry a little heat will bring it back to a thin liquid, in tropical climates keep your eye on the oil going rancid, one of the drawback or oil extractions.

Try to keep your temperature low, around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, going to hot can damage the finished product and give it a nasty taste remember “low and slow ” helps evaporate the water-based compounds, and give a better infusion. This is one of the safest ways to go and gives a fairly thin but consistent product.


Solvent-based methods are probably the most used and can be the most dangerous, the solvents used are almost all very volatile, flammable and in the wrong hands explosive.

Butane, Ethanol, alcohol, seem to be the choice of preference

Before I go any farther I must state ” SOLVENT BASED EXTRACT IS DANGEROUS”.for this reason I won’t go into details of how to. (BHO) butane hash oil, AKA Blow Hand Off, should be done by professionals only, MANY good houses have been blown up by inexperienced BLASTERS.

Solvent-based extracts, done right is fairly inexpensive. The art of stripping the preferred compounds take time and experience. Whether you’re after CBD -THC-or terpenes, the process is basically the same, run your solvent of choice thru your material, it thins and strips the oils away from the plant, leaving the water-based compounds and other by-products in the container. The extracted oils and solvent are then separated, usually by evaporation and you’re left with concentrated oil….. Bi-products from your solvent are also left behind and this is where things get complicated, at best done in a lab with good testing equipment and someone who knows how to use it, you have a chance of good pure considerate. Other than that, not something I can recommend.



CO2 extraction is the benchmark and industry standard, its already been in use for years. Its environmentally friendly and safe, from dry cleaning to essential oils, its how they remove caffeine from coffee, and what puts the bubbles in your carbonated drinks. It leaves no residue and is a natural substance.

The process is expensive and starts by putting C02, hemp or cannabis in a chamber and lowering the temperature to approximately -68*F. The pressure is slowly raised to around 75 PSI. At this stage, the co2 is considered Supercritical not liquid or gas, in this state it can move thru the material like gas and extracts like a liquid.

At this point the extracts moves to a low-pressure chamber were the C02 separates, the CO2 move’s back into the chamber and the extracted oil are drained from the separator. The yield is very pure.

This process is costly but offers high yield and quality CBD that is food safe and very stable. I don’t recommend anything less than CO2 extraction at blueplanetcbd, but who knows what the future will bring.

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CBDSKY review

Today I’ll be reviewing CBDSKY.

A top-shelf source for CBD, as I start to go over CBDsky’s menu one thing is obvious they have a HUGE selection so finding what you need will be easy.

(quick note, CBD and sky are a popular combo online, follow the link here and please bookmark it)

OIL DROPS, 32 various products,

Full spectrum-isolates-flavored-and pet sprays. the mg content range from 250,500,750,1000, and 1500 the pet spray is 100 mg, the flavors are orange, peppermint and natural.

All come in a 30 ml container

CBD CAPSULES, 2 products, each bottle contains 30 capsules .10 or 25 mg per capsule your choice, these capsules are organic,

99% pure isolate,

co2 extracted,




third-party tested.

0% THC, legal in all 50 states

No prescription needed a 30-day refund.


PET CARE, 7 products,  chewy treats, shampoo, stress + anxiety support, oral sprays, joint health, and wellness support, isolates and hemp oil drops,

sprays are 8 ml,  drops 30 ml.

SKINCARE, 16 products, Anti-aging moistening cream. Face cream, Pain balm freeze or with emu oil.

Massage oil, Retinal collagen moisturizers. Anti-wrinkle, toner cleaner, night repair.

Re aftercare. Body Butter. Roll on pain rub.neck & Decollete anti-aging. Radiation relief. Under-eye serum.

Oral Spray 9 products, 8 ml containers- Anti-stress, Appetite support, Energy. Health and Wellness, Pain Relief, Sleep support, PET. Anti-stress, wellness, joint pain.

PRICE, The price point of CBDSKY is a little less than the industry standers. examples- 30 ml of 1000 mg hemp oil drops under $100.00.

500mg under $67,00.

Pet wellness $25.00 joint support $25.00

check the site often because they offer sales often

CHEAPEST PLACE TO BUY, the best place I can find is at CBDSKY website or


3rd Party tested FDA approved labs best in the business.

CUSTOMER SERVICE, YES, Available on site.


MY RATING, 5 0f 5, hand down, great company.

Made in the U.S. A, Crudity free, Non-GMO, Organic, THC free 0%, Worldwide shipping.

Just a quick note with SKYCBD.Please be sure to bookmark the proper site, it seems sky and CBD are a popular combo and when searched online it could get a  little confusing look for this logo.



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CBD for anxiety disorders

With all the benefits of CBD, the one that stands out and is most commented on is the effects on ANXIETY. At first, it seems hard to define but as researchers hone the cause and effect things are becoming a lot more focused. For me it seems we all have nervous reactions, the butterflies in your stomach when you’re anticipating something you have yet to experience, or are uncomfortable to start with, seems like a normal response. But what happens when someone is effected so severely they can’t control these emotions? this is where CBD FOR ANXIETY DISORDERS plays a positive role.

I was first introduced to extreme anxiety by my friend Vinney, he was a purple heart veteran who lived through things beyond my conception, we worked together in construction of which he is very talented, unfortunately, in the area we worked was a very high traffic zone of tourist helicopters and deep canyons, when a copter made a turn in these valleys the blade noise echoed and could be heard for miles. These sounds sent Vinney into a different world for sometimes minutes or longer, this was before the term PTSD, he just called it shell shock, and tried to overcome it the best he could. Being somewhat of an organic person he never felt right with prescriptions. He worked best with a mild cannabis high, and was the first person to tell me about a strain that had almost no high (THC) and was under the impression it was a certain plant, a mutant from his garden, it turned into a prize for him…by cutting this plant he kept it going for years. It was a game-changer and his symptoms were curbed dramatically. As time on we heard of “Charlotte web ” and the research of CBD and other compounds of cannabis/ hemp.

Let s see where we stand today, according to the” NCBI” National Center for Biotechnology Information studying pre-clinical, human experimental, clinical, and epidemiological studies, we have found strong evidence that supports CBD as a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Studies are still going on at a rapid pace, most are in other countries like Israel where cannabis is looked upon in a very different light.

Studies and testing on anxiety with CBD that has shown the most obvious benefits are conducted with groups of people, some with low dose some with high and some with a placebo, All performed with public speaking,(something almost all would consider stressful with high anxiety). the research was quite positive for CBD, lets hope moving forward more FDA research will be welcomed here in the U, S.

In the U. S big pharma has been working on certain reactors and have a fair line of prescriptions available, the likes of Prozac, Zoloft seems to be doctors first choice, for more extreme cases tranquilizers like Xanax and Valium come into play, unfortunately, they can be highly addictive and their effects vary with each individual, the quote “practicing medicine” comes into play, and It could take some time to get dailed.

That being said if you experience the anxiety of any kind, do yourself and everyone else a favor, take the first step, ask for and get help, you are not alone 18% of all adults or 40 million people have a various form of anxiety.

CBD is not addictive and not habit-forming, it’s organic and comes in a huge variety of forms from gummie bears to water, vapes, tinctures, oral sprays to gel caps, CBD is being added to just about everything. Certain strains of cannabis are being developed that contain high CBD and low THC, that being said high THC is not something that goes well with anxiety. My best recommendations would start with 0% THC, work with a minimum dose of CBD use for a week or two takes notes to see how you feel, then slowly add more milligrams until you find your personal benchmark, remember CBD works in the background you might not even notice it’s there. CBD does not get you “high” so as I said takes notes. If you feel the need add a low dose of THC as CBD/THC works best in uni sent start with a low content of THC and build your tolerance until your content.

We all have different tolerances of any medications so take your time if you are on ANY prescriptions ask your doctor, it is important to all be on the same page with anxiety.

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CBD Oil cosmetics something to consider

Talking about cosmetics we are entering Pandora’s box. The products, application, sources, and specifics are overwhelming at least. Skin conditions range from dry and flaking to oily and everything in between, add on personal genetics, molds, fungus, bacteria, and disease the trail takes many forks. That being said, there seems to be a HUGE movement with CBD OIL COSMETICS. Most CBD oil is hemp-based, it seems to be the industry standard, not all are the same, coconut-olive and cannabis oils are showing up and claim to have various purposes, full-spectrum oils in legal states seem to be the most versatile.

When choosing a CBD product know that the THC content of .3% is legal in all 50 states. It’s sold as a supplement, read the contents and instructions carefully, just to know where you stand and start to find your benchmark, each person reacts slightly different. Most cosmetics I have seen are well within or under any THC levels, most are 0%.

If you are in a legal state keep a close eye on the content, CBD and THC work hand in hand some products have ridiculous amounts of both, its not uncommon to have 28%+THC and 68%+ CBD as a topical it’s not as much a problem, but if you ingest some of these products you could have an uncomfortable experience. If you are not familiar with THC, run the risk of a drug test stay away from all THC contents !!!

CBD oil has many medical properties, we will go over some of the most recent breakthroughs in this field. First, off it is the anti-inflammatory abilities it reduces swelling. This is great news for acne, it soothes the skin and calms the surface, reduces redness and helps diminish breakouts by decreasing excessive oil production.

CBD oil has antioxidant properties it can lessen the signs of aging and counteract free-radical damage, this helps with skin tone and can visibly diminish issues like wrinkles and crows feet.CBD oil is high in vitamins A-C-E, vitamin A help’s keep skin firm and healthy. C stimulates collagen production, and it helps to reduce signs of aging. E is a major player in the blocking free radicals in the body, this slows down aging in general and has been used for years in the supplemental market.

Although CBD is still being tested and will be for years to come its future has promise, its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties have shown great potential for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

CBD has been added to almost everything, but the presence of amino acids and the combination of hemp oil, omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, the use in shampoo is becoming a top seller. It aids in the growth of hair as it absorbs into the scalp.

Most cosmetic use of CBD oil is a topical applied to the area of concern, some use oral tinctures and rely on enteral balances of the ECS. Products like bath balms, soaps, moisturizers, anti-aging creams, toners, cleansers, and tattoo creams are readily available. If you suffer from skin problems you most likely have a prescription that contains steroids, antibiotics or corticosteroids creams, these in them self have many reactions and are used to cover a huge range of various ailments, with the greening of medicine trying a more organic form of treatment seems like something to take seriously.

The cheers of CBD are being heard by some of Hollywood s elite the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Busy Phillips, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dakota Johnson, Olivia Newton-John, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber and most recently Martha Stewart are all or on board. That lead to some big cosmetic company s coming online Verily, Lord Jones, Khus+Khus, Estee Lauder is making or adding CBD products to their lines.

In a market that is super aggressive rapidly changing and evolving the cosmetic field wide open for CBD. It’s a place where each individual has different needs and concerns, what works for some might not work for others, if you find a combination of product that suits your needs it can be a total game-changer. Don’t hesitate to do some research ask you are friends and give it a try.

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