CBD and drug testing

This is an important topic and if you are in a position to be tested please be clear of your situation before you take any CBD.

Cbd and drug testing is an easy subject, but you must take it upon your self to do the research, meaning read the directions and content of the product you consider. Fine print means to put on your glasses, as a drug test is cut and dry situation, pass or fail. Although it’s turning into a cloudy decision, mainly because some states have different laws and medical marijuana programs and some recreational use. Some tests results meanings are in question, as far THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) goes, other drugs are still steadfast.     Of all testing methods, urine is the most common, blood, hair, sweat, and saliva are available, according to the situation. Parole, substance abuse, sports programs, Federal employees, equipment operators and so on are routinely tested these days. Most companies test as a precaution.

The SAMHSA (substance abuse and mental health service administration) sets the standard and puts the employers on solid legal ground.  So according to the SAMHSA a positive test cut off is 50 ng/ml depending, some it can be as low as 25 ng/ml for negative results. For some secondary tests, a gas chromatography(GS) mass spectroscopy(MS) test is used and the test positive cutoff is 15 ng/ml.

Most CBD is extracted from hemp which has very little THC a maximum of 0.3% lets CBD oils be sold as a food supplement, and is legal in all 50 states. That being said if you take 2,000 mg + of CBD oil daily at 0.3% your overall intake would be approximate. 6% and you would test positive, but if you take 0.5% in a day your chances would be about .2% testing positive.

So beware of your total intake. For those of you in legal states be forewarned CBD is being extracted from cannabis, and can be ridiculously high in THC and CBD if you don’t know the product, and haven’t read the fine print don’t take it. In Oregon there’s over the counter products with ranges from 18-26% THC 63+% CBD, testing with these in your system will send the test off the chart. These are sold under the category of “full spectrum” on the other hand and this my personal recommendation, stay away of all THC products, no reason to walk the line, go with a CBD ” isolate ” these are a targeted extract and no THC should be found. Buy these from reputable sources with third-party lab testing results. A lot of shady companies are out there with cheap, thinned products, with nasty extraction methods,  that very huge amounts in all categories. Some choose to add trace amounts of TCH to their CBD products knowing that THC and CBD work best in unsent and will label THC free.

The extraction methods should be at the least CO2, its expensive but consistent. Don’t judge a product by price, It’s your job at least on the line.

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How does CBD work

This is a topic that can go ridiculous deep, ill try to make it readable without sounding like a medical journal, but I’ve been asked to elaborate on my”what are CBD’s topic’ so grab a comfortable chair, as we begin…

How does CBD work

Before we can understand how CBD works, we need to understand how we work, at least for CBD sake.

The “endocannabinoid system” or ECS is a series of receptors that runs thru our body. They are used to maintain and control our daily functions, studies are still relatively in their infancy but are progressing rapidly.

So how does CBD work? CBD or cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating compound of the cannabis family which includes hemp. Although scientists and doctors have been researching it for years the exact process is still not truly understood, taking it to a molecular level is a good starting point. Cannabidiol is a phototropic drug meaning it produces many effects in many molecular paths. Scientists have identified over 60 molecular targets of CBD, of the two cannabinoid receptors CB1 works with the central nervous system. CB2 works with the immune cells, gastrointestinal tract and peripheral nervous system.  CBD has very little binding properties for either, CBD acts through various receptors through independent paths, it can delay reuptake of endogenous neurotransmitters and enhance or inhibiting the binding action of certain G-protein coupled receptors.

Serotonin Receptors

Researcher’s from London, Brazil, and Israel have been conducting groundbreaking research into CBD and the neural correlates of anxiety. At high concentrations, CBD directly activates the serotonin receptor, thereby conferring an anti-anxiety effect. This g coupled protein receptor is implicated in a wide range of biological and neurological processes including anxiety, addiction, appetite, pain, sleep, nausea, and vomiting. 5-ht receptors are activated by serotonin, its found in both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

The one we will concentrate on is 5HT1A, the 5-ht receptors trigger chemical messages to produce an expiatory or inhibitory response, depending on the chemical content of the message. Both THC and CBD start as THCA and CBDA the ”A” in the compound are acid when heated the acid is removed, but if kept in its raw form CBDA could work better than CBD and is a strong anti-emetic, both CBD and THC have strong anti-nausea properties.


CBD  works with various channels that cause therapeutic effects. They bind to TRPV1  receptors, these receptors are known to mediate pain perception, body temperatures, and inflammation. TRPV receptors work to mediate the effects of a broad range of herbs, and drugs CBD binds to trpv1 which can influence the way receptors to deal with adversity.
Ion channels have the ability to control the release of chemicals like calcium, sodium, and potassium, CBD can delay the reabsorption of neurotransmitters or brain chemicals. As a result, CBD gives chemicals more time to stay in your body.


CBD activates the 5-hta1a serotonin receptors and the ion channels, studies show that CBD acts as a blocker and actually deactivates another G protein receptor known as GPR55. Because scientists are not sure what family it belongs to it is called, an orphan receptor, its mainly used in the brain, especially in the cerebellum and works with blood pressure, bone density, and other physiological processes.

`GPR55 is associated with bone reabsorption which helps with osteoporosis. When activated it also promotes cancer cell proliferation. CBD also has an anti-cancer effect by activating PPAPRs which are located on the cell’s nucleus. By activating these receptors the ability to regress tumors in human lung cancer has been noted.  Also by degrading amyloid-beta plaque, CBD has been found to be a useful remedy of Alzheimer’s patents. A  PPAR receptor also helps in insulin sensitivity, lipid uptake, and metabolic functions. This could help in the treatment of Diabetics.


As we continue to advance our research with CBD, scientists from all over the world are breaking down, adding different combinations and discovering new uses for the compounds. Without going into each individual disease or ailment we can say it works with our receptors. It can reshape the receptor to block, filter and change the way the receptor transmits singles in our body. We have found it can be extracted and isolated or mixed in an unlimited level of strengths, it works in the brain, nerves, blood
and digestive tracts and its been shown to reduce addiction.

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CBD and animals, a good choice


 With CBD we have a huge range of health benefits, even if you haven’t tried them, I am sure you are here doing the research, good for you. If you do use CBD then you will know how they work for you, that’s great we can discuss this with our friends, give advice,  go overdosage and forms of application. But what about your pets and animal family members? CBD and animals, it makes perfect sense, sore joints, pain, overworked, anxiety, not sleeping well.

They have a lot going on too, they just can’t tell you, but let’s face it you can tell and will do whatever it takes to help them on their way.

Most people are thinking dogs and cats, and for sure all animal’s have different personalities and traits, old and young, hyper, aggressive, lazy, mean, happy, it almost sounds human.

We’ve all heard of a high-strung horse, stubborn mules, onry goats and so on. I’ve personally seen huge changes and mood swings in old dogs, and most lately horses with CBD added to their daily feeding schedule. Farmers are using mild doses with llamas, goats, sheep and the guard dogs watching the herds. The general consensus is a little pep in their step, more alert and for sure the absence of pain and stiff sore muscles.

Most CBD company’s carry a complete line of CBD products for your pets. Here at Blue Planet CBD, we will help you in the right direction.

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What are CBD’S ?



So you’re thinking about trying CBD but not sure what they are. Good for you and thanks for dropping by. In the next article, we will get you up to speed and give you a better understanding of this wonderful compound …


With all the hype and claims, pro’s and con’s, I am often asked what are CBD’s The answers are straight forward, cannabidiol is one of the approximately 144 compounds in cannabis, It works hand in hand with every compound in the cannabis family including hemp.

Ever since it is been isolated people from all over the world have been researching, using and experimenting with it. While it is quite unexpected, even experienced cannabis users are often perplexed by its traits.

When used with THC it acts as a counterbalance and stays in the background barely even noticed, if at all. It is usually the lowest in percent in modern strains, let’s say 20% THC & 3% CBD would be an average cannabis hybrid strain.  When isolated and removed from all other compounds it becomes a force of its own.

For those of you that have never experienced cannabis and don’t want to be “stoned”, you can purchase CBD without any THC. This would be a good starting point, but remember THC and CBD work hand in hand. So as you become more familiar with these products you might want to try a low dose of THC in your CBD medicine. Different combos work well for different purposes.


Like all medicine, the dosage is complex. I will just go over some basics, but please, if you are on prescriptions you should talk to your doctor. CBD  can negate or postpone chemical reactions, one of the many pros in my opinion.

The BASIC starting point would be 3-15 mg a day try that for a few days, add more if you feel a need.

PAIN 3-25 mg as you find your benchmark,  move more or less until you find your preference.

SLEEP 40 -150 mg seems like a lot, but what’s the cost of a good nights sleep. 

These suggestions would be for tincture taken orally. Different methods work at different rates, faster (vape), slower tincture and rubs, but try to keep in mind the mg content all should be relatable. Exceptions would be topicals and rubs taken externally.

If you’re in a legal state or country and you are experienced with cannabis you have the option of full spectrum CBD, good for you…The above recommendations are still a good place to start, but the complexity and variations get very specialized. In our local dispensaries, I have seen 20%THC 63% CBD for general purpose. That’s a good amount of THC. If you don’t know the strain’s origin read the content or ask the budtender.  Indica  / Sativa makes a HUGE difference in the overall experience.


This is an important topic. Please understand how the contents work with each company and product. I will start with the most basic so you can get the concept. The amount of CBD   listed on the label is the total mg per container. Most companies have at least 3 different strengths. In a 1 ounce bottle, you will see 100-300 and 600mg of CBD.  each is priced accordingly. The more CBD the more cost. I have seen some as low as 150 mg, even as low as 40 mg for small pets. The higher the mg content the less you need to take. Make sure to read the fine print. It should be perfectly clear. look for a production date and lab reports and check the contents to be sure it is what you are after.

Isolate vs Full spectrum

Lately, this has been turning into a BIG subject. In the past, all CBD has had to have less than .3% THC to be legal, and in a lot of states, this still holds true. If your state doesn’t have a medical marijuana program and cannabis is still illegal then a supplement is what you will LEGALLY get. However, with the greening of America, lots of states are legalizing cannabis, not just medical but recreational. This being said it is possible to buy CBD with a full spectrum of compounds. CBD /THC content as a custom order of certain strains or a lab-made concoction of endless combinations. Now you can buy 8% THC 63% CBD or just about any combo. So finding your benchmark/comfort zone will have a lot to do with your personal experience or targeted reason to use CBD.

When using full spectrum check and get to know the source of the THC. Sativa strains are energized, more long term and great for a hard-working day in the garden, but not recommended for sleep. If you want to relax and get some sleep, try an indica strain or hybrid with a “couch lock” ratio and learn the difference between the two. Remember we all have different benchmarks.



So as you can see there is a fair amount of personal research that needs to be done before you jump into CBD. Not to worry, CBD is safe, non-addicting, over the counter and available in all states. The rules are changing quickly. Here at Blue Planet CBD we only work with what we consider to be the best of the best.

We check the claims, research the extraction methods, look for third-party lab testing and check for good business practices. So if you see company’s claiming CBD are a cure-all and they have a new super method of extraction, seem way cheaper than the industry norm,  take a closer look. Contact them ask questions, the old saying ” if it seems too good to be true it probably is. ” It’s your health and your money. There are lots of upstarts and the world wide web is just that “WORLDWIDE.” Check the place of origin, shipping and read the reviews. CBD is available in so many forms & variations with more popping up weekly.  Don’t be overwhelmed, be specific to your needs. Keeping up with this market is exciting and CBD science is moving forward at a rapid pace.

Check back often, we will post what is new or on the horizon.

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Are CBD’S for me…?

CBD or Cannabidiol is becoming quite the topic these days and for good reason.  In these days of widespread and rampant drug addiction, overdosing and death on what people consider safe pharmaceutical drugs, prescription abuse ect, CBD is a breath of fresh air. A viable option with no prescription, organic, with a great track record people are taking notice and action. Ask around and you’ll be amazed how many people and pets benefit from CBD.

CBD these days

Although CBD has been quite controversial in the past, with changing laws and acceptance people all over the world are experiencing the benefits of the many forms it has taken. From oils, tinctures with various strengths, crystals, soft tablets, vape cartridge, rubs, scents, sprays & soaks, the question often asked are cbd’s for me?

Well, let’s have a look around. For casual use or a daily perk could be… do you wake up tired? Try CBD  Tincher before you go to sleep. Having trouble focusing? Try a gummy bear or two. Chronic pain? a high dose vape cartridge could wash it away. Muscle cramps? a small drop of topical lotion rubbed in as a massage oil, you’ll be surprised. The simple fact is we are all different, so are our tolerances to all forms of medications. CBD from hemp or cannabis has been around since people were writing on stone. It was pigeonholed in the U.S  back in 1937 by the marijuana tax act. It made hemp and marijuana illegal for any use. So a politician (Harry Anslinger) a paper mogul (Randolph Hurst) and a maker of a new product called “nylon” (DuPont petrochemicals) banned it and locked it down for far too long. However, as America starts to ”green up” things are starting to change.

On February 6, 2004, Federal court ruled every citizen in the U. S can legally use CBD from hemp with legal amounts of THC.

Even more recent, 0n Dec 20, 2018, the farm bill passed clearing the way for hemp farmers to move forward…

The Benefits

The studies on CBD have been and still, are in full swing. Most noted are the medical properties-relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, psychosis,  seizures, sleep disorders, stress, skin condition, PTSD, blood pressure and the list is getting longer, and more detailed as research continues.

Although seemingly by mistake a group of cannabis farmers stumbled on a strain of cannabis that looked, smelled, and tasted top shelve. Only the THC content was almost non-existent….what to do.

After lab testing, they discovered a high content of CBD so they looked into the probability of it. For some, it made sense, all the benefits without the “stone” awkward at first, functional after the fact. A major breakthrough they named the strain “Charlotte ‘s Web” after Charlotte Figi a young Colorado girl whose severe epilepsy was stopped by this strain.

This was a major role in the medical marijuana movement. Since then lots of strains have been developed with high CBD and low THC like AC/DC, catatonic, medie glue, Ringo’s gift, canna-Tsu, penny wise and so on. The list gets longer every day as the cannabis breeders take notice, and taking notice they are.

The Source

CBD is extracted from cannabis or hemp. Hemp has been the industry standard because of access mainly being brought in from India, China, Asia and Mexico, places where it is legal to produce. However, change is in the wind and DOWNLOAD-3although it’s a slow process the U.S is starting to have a closer look.           They are even offering some permits for cultivation.

The art of extraction is a big key here and there are plenty of methods. Some may be a bit shady, and some like olive oil extraction are ancient dating back a 1000 years b.c. The most common these days is carbon dioxide and solvents. To me, solvents are the ones who need to be most scrutinized. I’m not saying that all are bad but butane, hexane, ethanol, and alcohol are things I would do without.

Most times when solvents are used extra steps come into play. Cleaning out and removing the unwanted residue, and distilling the solvent based material used to strip the oils.  Done in a lab with a certified chemist, most if not all solvents are removed. Just be careful, black markets are everywhere and with the good usually come’s the bad,  cheaper, thinned low grade and non tested products are slipping into the market. That is why at Blue planet CBD we ask the tough questions and only promote the “best in the business .”

The Market

The market for CBD has been evolving as the “greening of America” is slowly taking place.  The west coast(Washington, Oregon,  California) has legalized cannabis and soon we will see a shift in the source.

Today you can buy CBD with a trace 0.3 % of THC in all 50 states. More than 0.3% could get you into trouble, which could be a good sign of a black market product. Or choose no THC at all. Lab quality CBD is the only safe way to go. They offer pure consistent doses at various strengths, after all, if you’re giving it to your family ( pets included ) and friends, NOTHING LESS IS ACCEPTABLE. Here at Blue Planet CBD we carefully select only the industry leaders.

Is CBD for you? Ask your doctor, do some research, ask your friends or give it a try. Read all the directions. some can be confusing take your time and ask questions, we are here to help…


With the sweeping changes that have been taking place, the future for hemp and hemp-based products is coming full circle. In time, we will grow past the old school stigma and learn to embrace the legality of one of natures finest plant species. Cannabis and hemp hold many keys that have yet to be utilized. Modern science will soon be free to study, extract and combine all that it has to offer,.CBD is a proven starting point.

I am sure we will see a whole plethora of general health care products, as well as specialty uses targeting certain ailments or focuses. At BluePlanetCBD we are here to help. We offer only the finest quality products by the industries leading producers and as things advance so do we. We strive to keep in step with the rapidly changing market.

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We started BluePlanetcbd.com  to clear the air and help people access high-quality CBD products. Discrete delivery, constant and professional dosage with trusted sources. We are fairly picky about the extraction methods. Thinners or solvents used in the creation of the products, vape oils, tinctures, topicals cover a large range of content and we filter out products we wouldn’t use for our pets or our self. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to leave us a message.

In these days of acceptance and potential farming of hemp (here in the US), CBD is gaining quite a reputation for its therapeutic properties, anxiety, stress, sleep loss, PTSD, seizure, pain relief, and cancers. These topics are finally being talked about unfortunately, the treatments have been mainly costly pharmaceutical drugs, opioids and other things you probably wouldn’t take if you had an option.

CBD from hemp or cannabis has been used as far back as 1500 b.c. It’s not some new snake oil, it was banned in the U. S by some greedy politicians with some dirty deals……..image that.

Here at BluePlanetcbd.com, we are hoping to make a one-stop shop for all your CBD needs. We are partnering with the best in the business to ensure your needs are fulfilled timely, confidently and professionally. Check out our links and blogs.

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