SIDE effects of CBD

As more people get familiar with CBD, and all the hype and information comes into a clear view, we realize everyone s personal intake, dosage and reasons for consumption vary greatly, I have been getting a lot of questions about the SIDE EFFECTS OF CBD. This is a fair concern, especially for those who are new to supplements, the good news for CBD is that the side effects are far and few, I will go over the most common, assuming you are NOT on any other medication.

Its important to note each and every case is unique and any side effects or effects, in general, are a personal experience CBD is a compound that is taken in various doses, as little as 15mg and as much as 1500mg daily have been studied, so Let’s be far and realize that until you have found your personal benchmark you could experience different results. To be safe and accurate the best way to start with CBD is, START WITH A LOW DOSE. Gradually increase your intake until you find your personal benchmark. In medical terms, doctors call this “Titration”. Most side effects are associated with high dose’s.

The most common side effects are,

Fatigue– people with high-stress levels tend to relax past a point of their personal normal and sometimes feel tired and spent, this usually changes as they get accustomed to CBD and their daily doses.

Dry mouth– The receptors under your tongue, which have the job of making saliva are sometimes affected, CBD can sometimes tell them to slow production of saliva, people may experience dry mouth, not a health concern, but makes you drink more water, which is itself not necessarily a bad thing.

Lightheadedness– With a high dosage of CBD often blood pressure can drop if this is the case a cup of tea or coffee tends to balance things out quickly.

Low blood pressure– If you take a higher dose of CBD you could experience a drop in blood pressure, this is very short-lived but if you are on ANY blood regulating medicines consult your doctor before you take CBD or any other supplements

Drowsiness-Most of these side effects are associated with a high dose of CBD this is a good heads up that if you take CBD and feel tired or drowsy, scale back on milligram intake. When taken in proper levels CBD usually gives you uplift and an alert feeling, also new studies show o day or night usage change the way your body deals with CBD, for sleeping taking CBD at night or as you wind your day down, and start to relax the drowsiness is welcome.

Appetite changes- In some cases, CBD can tell your body when it’s full and to slow down or stop consuming this has to do with your endocannabinoid system, and you cb1 and cb2 receptors. Often used in dieting with CBD.

Diarrhea– Most often associated with the use of the oils used with CBD usually hemp oil, being that most CBD is extracted from hemp when eaten and digested in your stomach a fair amount oil is released quickly.

So most side effects are caused by HIGH doses of CBD, it can affect how your liver processes various drugs and it can stop the activity of some enzymes found in the liver, this is why I stated before all this information is for people who are NOT on any prescription drugs.

If you are on ANY perceptions not to worry you can still enjoy all the benefits of CBD, just be sure to contact your doctor, they can balance your prescriptions and give you a good starting point, plus they can very accurately monitor your progress and keep you on an even keel.

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