WATER soluble CBD a step forward

With all the hype and claims, pro’s and con’s, applications, extractions, laws and so on the researchers of CBD have not lost focus and have been hard at work to develop new and exciting ways to deliver this wonderful compound. (insert drum roll here)…We welcome, WATER SOLUBLE CBD. Yes, it is finally here, powder and liquid forms of concentrated CBD. That can be added to water, juice, tea, coffee, and well..just about everything. This is a big deal in the world of CBD. Why do you ask?

Now you can enjoy pure CBD at various concentrates without the thick oil taste, concentrated flavors, the vape pens or any other form of application you may not like. The science of water-soluble CBD has a few different methods, but in all its forms, it is by far the most efficient. Most oil-based CBD is absorbed in about 10-14%, of total intake, they work well and take 20 to 30 minutes to take effect. (vaping is the exception as it is inhaled and take effects immediately).

With water-soluble CBD 90 to 100% of the full spectrum, CBD will be processed and at a faster rate of absorption. Because of this, you can take less CBD to achieve your benchmark, looks like a win-win situation. The reason for this high absorption rate is the process of breaking down and encapsulating the CBD molecules in a water base cell.

The lab term is “microencapsulation” or “nanotechnology.”, it can be done with solvents and chemicals and there are various versions of the process. In some circles, it is a heavily guarded patent, but others break it down in layman s terms so you know what you are getting, and have an understanding of how it works. The most upfront technique is encasing the CBD in an all-natural molecule of curcumin. Curcumin is a compound in turmeric, a
flowering plant of the ginger family which in itself has many scientifically-proven health benefits.

The process of encasing an oil-based CBD molecule into a natural curcumin compound and creating a hybrid molecule is a thing that sounds very futurist. And it takes trained chemist in a professional lab. This is not a do- it yourself home project. The final product is a water-soluble powder.

Being that our bodies are up to 60% water and our blood is approximately 55% water, breaking down CBD molecules to a water-soluble form is just the next step. The benefits of CBD have reached a new platform of consumption, although a relatively new process it seems to be a game-changer.

Various companies are looking at this technology not only with CBD but are considering using full spectrum cannabis with all the terpenes and THC. A lofty goal aimed at the alcohol market, drinking water-soluble cannabis, it is definitely in the near future,(but that is another subject, I will keep you posted)

As soon as you drink a water-soluble supplement it is immediately absorbed starting, with mucous membranes of the mouth and the receptors under your tongue (sub-lingual), thru the esophagus into the stomach lining and into our bloodstream, it does not have to be digested like CBD oil in the digestive tract and liver to be processed. The sooner it gets to your CB1 and CB2 receptors the sooner it takes effect.

Because of this rapid rate of absorption and unbelievable overall intake you have a far better idea of how to use your CBD and how it is being processed, this gives you a more accurate dose and far less wasted CBD as it’s not getting flushed through your system.

The idea of having a small packet of powdered CBD in your purse or pocket and being able to add it to whatever you chose is the future of CBD. Taking it one step further are tailored amounts of CBD packets for various times of day, start off the morning with a high dose, at lunch a little less, after dinner a mild dose for a comfortable nights sleep

As you get more familiar with your specific needs you will be able to adjust your dose on a daily or monthly basis, having the ability to understand how much and how fast your CBD is being processed will save you time and money, and also give you the confidence to really understand your body and moods.

As always if you take ANY prescription medicine contact your doctor and get their option on adding CBD to your daily schedule, CBD can shade or even block your receptors and might change how your prescription work.

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8 Replies to “WATER soluble CBD a step forward”

  1. Hello, TC. I enjoyed reading this post.  It seems that there is more information coming out about CBD every day.

    If I understand you correctly, the CDB is encased in the  curcumin and in this powder form it dissolves  in water and you drink it and the benefits are already starting before it leaves your mouth? Is this the correct understanding?

    If this is how it works then, for me this would be more desirable.  Seems a little expensive and even more so  when converted into Canadian dollars.  Which brings me to another question.  Is this product going to be available in Canada?

    I really like this idea and would consider giving it a try and the added benefits  of the  curcumin, which I believe is an anti-inflammatory, is a good thing as well.

    thaks for keeping us up to date with the latest developments,


    1. Hi Wayne, thanks for your interest in water-soluble CBD,the process of encasing an oil-based compound is new but works like this, they shrink down the CBD to approximately 1 millionth the normal size,then encase it in a water base cell, they also are doing this with CBD water, because of this technology the CBD  is absorbed on contact and does not have to be digested and processed thru the liver. You get almost 100% of the CBD used, you will notice a small amount of CBD listed on the package because its ALL being used. I am sure you can find it in Canada it’s new so you might have to check around, if not you can order it from us at blueplanetcbd, com. we ship to Canada but the delivery times vary, being international .thanks for the response,   T.C

  2. So exciting! I use CBD daily for chronic pain and the oil-based sublingual’s have got. to. go. Ugh, they are just not effective. I am very happy to see forward momentum in the world of cannabis and the technology that is being used, especially for CBD, is phenomenal. I  am currently using a product called SUM, only available in Colorado right now, but they have taken a whole new approach to their delivery system as well. Can’t wait for the day I can just sprinkle a little CBD in my juice! Thanks for the information! 

    1. Hello Sara, thanks for the interest in water-soluble CBD,and I could not agree with you more on the taste and texture of CBD oil and the concentrated flavors, not to mention the absorption rate of under 10%, unlike CBD isolate, water-soluble CBD is made with full spectrum compounds, it gives a more well-rounded product, because of the rapid and TOTAL absorption rate you will notice a fraction of CBD content in the product, and yes sprinkle it on anything or mix it in any liquid, being your in Colorado I am sure its there,l if not you can order thru blueplanetcbd.com ..thanks for your comments, BE WELL  T.C

  3. Wow, this is a great article about Water SOLUBLE CBD. My honest opinion is that I did not know about the Water SOLUBLE CBD before. I learned about it for the first time, it seemed to me that it would add a new dimension to our health protection. I decided that in order to protect my health I will use the Water SOLUBLE CBD In order to doctor’s suggestion. I like it very much that it can be mixed with tea coffee etc. Thank you so much for presenting useful information

    1. Hi, Paul thanks for the quick response on water soluble CBD, yes it for sure it will help people who otherwise didn’t trust the process,or like the delivery systems.you can mix it with anything including sprinkling it on ,salad steak or a piece of fruit , be sure to ask your doctor for a recommended starting dose, I hope you enjoy the benefits of CBD thanks again T,C

  4. I can see myself benefiting from this type of preparation. As a busy medical officer who’s always on the run, my energy level tends to wane off by noon and it sucks. I really have no time for application stuff, but putting the extra doses into my water – I drink a lot of them anyway – is a great idea. Interesting that you’re recommending Elixinol here – my colleague was just talking about it this morning. I’ll definitely check out the soluble CBD packs. 


    1. Hi Cathy, Thanks for the interest in water-soluble CBD, I get the afternoon meltdown, I think we all get them in some fashion, being in the medical field i can’t imagine you ever get a chance to catch up, I never have been a fan of energy drinks or coffee afternoon. If you’re new to CBD the Elixinol   daily packet would be a good starting point morning -noon -night dosages. Also for someone on the run, you might look into CBD water. might be good to just have around, thanks for your comments T, C

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