WORLDWIDE opinions of CBD

As CBD(Cannabidiol )sweeps the market with an endless supply of various products and uses, people all over the world are taking notice.

It’s just about everywhere and being infused into just about anything,

If you are new to or considering CBD as a supplement or medicine it can get overwhelming confusing and easily put on the back burner.

I am writing from the USA where CBD has a semi-twisted relationship with the government and FDA (food and drug administration) they call the shots and make the rules on all things consumed here.

As I researched worldwide opinions of CBD I found it quite interesting and a bit baffling.



Here in the USA CBD runs a gambit of rules and regulations.

It’s legal in all 50 states with a THC content of .3%, most often extracted from hemp and used as a supplement.

It’s making huge progress in the medical field and the door has been cracked but not yet opened, with hemp finally being legal to grow, as Congress passed the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.

Then the government made their own pharmaceutical version(“EPIDIOLEX”) and claimed CBD had medical benefits. This was a huge step forward…kind of.

One of the main twists in the system is each state has its own laws on cannabis/ CBD, some states have legalized cannabis/CBD for anyone 21 and over.

Some states have medical marijuana programs where you can get a card from a doctor to purchase cannabis/CBD at local dispensaries.

Some states have 0 tolerance and the slightest amount can land you in jail, even with the allowed .3% THC, some stick with the THC is THC (still illegal by the federal government)and can make huge problems for stores carrying CBD products.

In the USA things are pretty lax but you still need to be aware of the local laws, and take note if you are traveling, in general, CBD in the USA is fairly positive with a bright future.<<<<buy now>>>.


it seems the door is wide open with CBD/THC in Canada, although they have been framing hemp for years it wasn’t until recently with the cannabis act hemp and cannabis were rolled into one nice tidy package.

With the right permits, the hemp industry is allowed to extract or sell to production companies to manufacture CBD, going one step farther their attitude is CBD, hemp-cannabis-or lab made makes no difference.

Major players like TILRAY have made huge plays in the market and with a large company base are posed to go big with Amazon, Costco, Walmart or online, so the future of CBD in Canada seems wide open.

Thanks, Canada.


CBD was recently legalized in Mexico.

The large imports have been a fair concern, but with the passing Of medical cannabis laws anyone with a doctor prescription can legally use cannabis and CBD, the future looks good for Mexico.


Once again we see a CBD tight rope, but the wave of change and the obvious onslaught of hemp production, a major shift is no doubt coming.

China is a major producer of hemp with approximately 1/2 the world’s production.

Although CBD seems like a happy coincidence and an easy play.

China’s drug policy is still very strict and cannabis is illegal whether they acknowledge the WHO(world health organization) removal of CBD from their list of drugs is up to them.

China never seems to leave cards on the table and I have already been solicited to purchase bulk CBD (lab quality) online, time seems to be on the CBD side we will have to wait and see, money talks.


With the heaviest drug laws anywhere, Japan is not a place to caught growing or possessing cannabis, but a recent loophole somehow has made it through the cracks.

Seems the laws apply to leaves and flowers, the stems are fair game, so the CBD is being extracted from stems and as of now its legal to import and consume CBD.

Keep a close eye on upcoming laws as it seems they are changing quite rapidly.


Although the information is hard to get its plan and simple.

Cannabis and CBD are illegal both medical and recreational, be careful traveling with CBD in Indonesia, even if its 0% THC.

Recently a surfer from the U. K was arrested for having a bottle of CBD sent to him for his chronic pain, he’s looking at 15 years in one of the toughest prisons in the world.


As of March 12, 2019, laws legalizing medical cannabis have been established in South Korea.

The industry is on the verge of a major breakthrough but their taking things slow and easy. They are carefully opening the door knowing a flood will rise quickly in the area.

Singapore who has a Strong stance on drugs recently allowed imports of pharmaceutical products containing cannabinoids. As far as CBD in South Korea things look good and investors are keeping a close eye on the flood gates.


CBD is legal and easy to find all over India, mail order or shop local. Cannabis has been used in India since 2000 b.c. All parts of the plant are used seeds -flowers and resin.

India boasts the lowest price of cannabis in the world, Cultivation of cannabis for industrial purposes and for horticultural use is legal in India. Looks like India is on board, just check the rules for international travel before you go.


With the strong anti-drug policy in the  Philippines, it seems like something you would need ongoing research to validate bringing it into their country.

As of this article, it is illegal and looks like it will stay that way for a while.             A big step forward is that they have just overwhelming approved the Philippines Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, looking to address the need in the medical field. 

By no means are they trying to legalize cannabis or trying to decriminalize marijuana, the best advice is to check-check then check again when comes to taking any drugs to the Philippines.


Currently, cannabis usage is illegal in China, but CBD from hemp or otherwise is legal.

Hemp is one of the main crops in China they mainly produce crops for textiles, rope, paper, and fabric,

Hemp has been a long-standing staple in China, with the new-found worldwide interest in CBD China is poised to become a superpower in the CBD field. For more information on China and their investments check out this link,lots of information and a good read. As always keep an eye on the market and interests in China with approximately 1.4 billion people there’s a lot going on.


Although the laws and public opinion seem to have a blurred vision, cannabis is illegal in Pakistan, that being said CBD derived from cannabis is also illegal. CBD from hemp is legal to possess purchase and sell, various regions have different laws some places where it is illegal you can buy it openly in the local markets, some regions consider it religious, but it seems the enforcement is lax.

The District of Columbia voters approved CBD oil in Pakistan, initiative 71 allows anyone over 21 to grow small amounts of cannabis,(but not sell), each state, country, and city have various laws, so it would be best to do you are research on the places you go and where you plan on staying.

The enforcement seems lax in some places, but depending on the situation you could get into trouble in other areas.


Cannabis and all cannabis-related activities, including possession, sale, and production, are considered illegal in Russia.

This applies to both medical and recreational cannabis.  things get cloudy here as the possession of up to two grams of hashish or up to 6 grams of cannabis is decriminalized, getting you a fine depending on where and who arrests you, looks like a change is in the wind, slowly and cautiously.


Cannabis in Israel is illegal but allowed for some specified medical usages. On July 19, 2018, The Israeli Knesset finally approved the bill for decriminalization.

Isreal is the leading researchers of cannabis / CBD  and change is eminent keep an eye on Israel as they are leading the way for CBD and treatment with cannabis-based products.


With such are large land mass and so many cultures it’s hard to believe cannabis/CBD is illegal in all but South Africa, although it has  been in use for centuries in religious ceremonies the laws are firm but mainly unenforced, the key word here is illegal, but the times are changing and the rules should follow.

South Africa 

CBD derived from dagga now legal. South Africa has just officially changed its rules on cannabidiol or CBD – a compound derived from cannabis which is known for having medicinal properties.


Although still illegal it has been labeled as unenforced, never the less an American Facing Death Penalty in Egypt for Hemp Oil., was free by protesters in Cairo, let just stick with ILLEGAL until they get things sorted.


Same as Egypt, illegal but unenforced the key word here is illegal.


Cannabis oil is legal in Australia but under special access.

Anything with CBD in it is considered a ‘scheduled product’. You need to go to your doctor, and they have to have special approval from the department of health to prescribe this particular type of prescription.

Things are starting to loosen up a little in Australia, getting a start with hemp production and a medical program, to access cannabis/ CBD  you need a doctors prescription.

You can buy hemp oil as a supplement or hemp-derived CBD oil that is 100% legal.  Cannabis has and most likely will stay illegal, don’t try to import, travel with or possess high THC oil to Australia.


CBD is legal in Europe, in fact in 2019 the European Parliament recognized cannabis as a medicine and encouraged the study and research for future medical practices.

The only exception is Slovakia. That being said many states have various rules on THC content so check where you are going or just buy locally.


With an ideal climate for hemp and a need for a worldwide market, Latin America has positioned itself as a leader in the cannabis/hemp market.

ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, CHILE, COLOMBIA, MEXICO, PANAMA, PARAGUAY, PERU AND URUGUAY all have come on board with medical programs and serious research, not to mention the vast amount of land to farm and develop hemp-based products of all sources.

Keep an eye on this market as export and production in this region is rapidly evolving and set to pose a new economy in this area of the world.


Since I have given a brief tour of the world, continent to continent, I was compelled to check out the rules and laws of Antarctica, just in case your planning a visit or a scientist headed to this fairly lawless place.

Antartica is an independent continent that has no government, it has no laws for cannabis, but for some reason, if you get in trouble for something you will be held to the laws of your home country or the vessels place of origin that you arrived with.

For sure it is a bring your own CBD and everything else place, with the many styles of CBD-vape pens, water soluble, oils, etc things seem fair in the Antarctic.

With the ability to remove the THC and the declassification of CBD by the WHO (world health organization) even the most staunch opposers are being forced to take a closer look, whether lab made, hemp or cannabis.

CBD seems to be here to stay and with a bright future at that.

In conclusion, the worldwide market and opinion of CBD are starting to relax, the research and development are strong, and the recognition of the medical benefits are overwhelming.

Also, the simple fact of hemp’s multifaceted uses. Globally it has been in use for centuries as the fast-growing plant with an unlimited variety of uses, it seems CBD is just a happy coincidence and one more feather in its cap.

If you are looking to purchase top-shelf CBD FOLLOW THIS LINK.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave them below, thanks for stopping by. T.C



15 Replies to “WORLDWIDE opinions of CBD”

  1. I am impressed with your knowledge of the world and CBD, seriously good. Next time I am travelling somewhere I should check your site out and make sure it is ok. Seriously speaking I enjoyed the post, it is very informative especially talking about Asia. I often travel a lot around Indonesia, Thailand, China and even Taiwan. I must admit I did not know all the law for each individual country. I knew that Indonesia is not a place to be caught with andy CBD but I was not sure about the rest. so thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi BARBRA,

      thank you for your comment and interest on CBD, the bottom line is check before you go, the information is always changing as the laws are tending to relax, but take nothing for granted, can you imagine going to jail for CBD??? unfortunately, it happens more than you think, if unsure just buy it locally if available if not ask why and be on the safe side, happy trails T.C

  2. I lived in Australia for a few years and you could easily get cbd oil for your pets but if you were wanting to purchase any for personal use that was a big no no, figure that one out. 

    And when it comes to Europe it is just a big mess. I live in Sweden and it is my understanding that it is illegal although it is being sold by other companies in the EU to Swedish consumers. Hemp however is legal so if you get some oil without any thc you are in the clear, if you are unlucky then it is illegal. 

    It is probably just a matter of time before it will become legal outside of medical use in most countries. There are far worse substances that are legal and view as treatments, I might add, then cbd oil. 

    I have briefly lived in Thailand as well and even though it is very illegal it is extremely accessible and most bars will actually sell it if you ask. 

    Great article about worldwide opinions of cbc, a very interesting read.

    1. WOW imagine good for your dogs but not for you??? thats kind of funny especially for the Aussies I’m sure they will work it out, it seems lots of places say illegal but it’s everywhere to purchase, the laws just haven’t changed as fast as the market, never the less be very careful and check the laws before you go to an area you don’t know if its not legal then its illegal even if lax 

      Thanks, alexandra for the comment as they say down under good on ya

  3. Ohh this is great information! I like the fact that you really took time to create a compelling presentation on the evolution of opinions about the use of cannabis in general and cbd oil in particular.

    I think with US legalizing the use of cannabis, the whole world has followed at some extent. Many countries as you said allows now the use of CBD oil for medicinal purpose. And other like Israel has accepted the use of cannabis in all its form. This can only extend the market got CBD oil.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Adyns68, 

      for taking the time to comment on my post, yes it seems CBD is becoming a bit more understood, more research and uses are popping up daily. Worldwide CBD is in good shape.

      laws and restrictions are constant factors with supplement and medicine its best to keep informed especially when traveling Thanks again, T.C

  4. This is quite an impressive list of countries and continents that allow/disallow CBD oil processing.  It is interesting to note that Far East Asia is mostly not in favour at present. However, India is perfectly fine.

    In Holland & Barrett stores, there are whole shelves dedicated to CBD creams, oils and even food.  Vapes are an interesting phenomena because a woman with very painful facial eczema used CBD vaping to cure it. She was at her wit’s end and it was her husband who suggested she try vaping as nothing else worked.

    The mind boggles as to the power of the plant kingdom, which we are only scratching the surface of.

    Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Hi Stella,

      It is truly amazing the gifts we are given and the confusion of their purpose, one place sings praises, the other totally condemns? 

      The medical community is eyeing CBD and it seems it’s here to stay,1 compound in 600 of the cannabis /hemp family, your right barely scratching the surface, but at least now were allowed the scratch,

      thanks for the interest and comment t.c

  5. As a proponent who is lucky enough to live in a state where marijuana has become legalized I find this information quite useful. The true devil is not in CBD or in cannabis but in Pharmaceuticals and opiates. The proof is blatant, and yet money and politics dictate. I will be sure to reference your post when traveling and I will definitely be bookmarking your CBD link. Nice to know I’m free to fly in Antarctica, woohoo! 

    1. HI Pentrental,

      yes, you are right about the opiates, worldwide as well.

      CBD is making a slow transition, but its a start. I too live in a legal state(Oregon) and the vibe is a non-issue

      who knows I might see you in Antarctica,

      thanks for the comment and open mind  T.C

  6. Hmm. Thanks for this global tour. Many people run into troubles because of their failure to check rule and regulations of the country they are visiting. There’s this qoute that says, ‘where there is law, there is rule. I can’t blame countries  for this because there must be a reason behind it. Like in my home country, cannabis was ban due to the abused made by its citizen. Another reason is related  to religion. I can’t believe China is not in support of CBD, I known them to be good in manufacturing health supplement. Thanks for this exposure.

    1. Hi Stella

      Yes, it is amazing the many different directions a simple compound can go, CBD will always be linked with cannabis/THC, As it becomes more medical hopefully the stereotype will change. It is an interesting market for sure thanks for taking the time to comment T.C

  7. Hi T.C., this is a pretty interesting topic you have blogged about.  This whole CBD thing is really picking up speed and it’s nice to know where it lies in each region of the world.  I for one will never use it UNLESS it becomes medically necessary.

    The way other countries punish their crimes is something to be worried about.  I mean an American was facing the death penalty for this in Egypt.

    One last thing, what is CBD and abbreviation for?  is it, cannabidiol?

    Thanks, great post!


    1. HI, Cal,

      Thanks for the comment on my site Yes, CBD is short for CANNABIDIOL, I should have made this more clear I went back and updated my post.

      As CBD is becoming more medically accepted it is walking a fine line. there’s still a lot to be done but I think we’re moving in the right direction thanks again, T.C

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